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In our product category pole dance accessories you will find a whole range of different clothes that can support or complement your pole dance training. In the following we would like to introduce you not only to the functional back warmers, which also ensure a comfortable and safe pole dance training in winter.

Extensive selection of Pole Dance Wear Accessories in our shop

Everyone who regularly does sports during the cold months knows the problem: the warm-up sessions take much longer and the risk of tension is very high if the body is not sufficiently warmed up. This is especially problematic in pole dancing, because here you do a lot of complex poses for which you should be warm. An excellent help here is the use of a back warmer, which can be found in our pole dance accessories category.

The high-quality materials used here not only provide a secure hold but also the best comfort. And that is no wonder. The manufacturer specifically designed the back warmers so that the fit hugs the female body and keeps the torso warm. The skin-tight accessory is therefore also ideal for yoga exercises and is a visual highlight, especially in combination with matching Pole Dance Wear.

High-quality Accessories to protect your pole dance pole and high heels

Once a woman has fallen in love with shoes, they have to withstand a lot. They are pulled across the floor, you make noises with them (so-called heel clacks), you clamp them to Dancing Poles and you slide with them on the floor. Even the highest quality shoes are affected by this. There is a remedy for this with so-called heel protectors, which you can also find in our accessories category. A nice side effect: with the heel protectors you can, for example, turn your classic Pleaser high heels into a completely different style.

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Browse our extensive range of cool pole dance accessories now. Whether it's for an exciting photo shoot with the photographer or your girlfriends, or just to spice up your daily workout a bit, accessories are great for giving even old exercises a new lease of life. In hardly any other sport does self-confidence play such a big role as in pole dancing. Only those who feel comfortable and have warmed up their body safely will achieve top performance in the end. So find the right accessories for your dance routine now and take your training to a whole new level. Discover our wide range of dancing poles, pole dance wear, High Heels and more. You too can benefit from our expertise, as many satisfied customers have done before you:

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