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Poledance Accessories - Functional and pretty to look at

In our product category Poledance Accessories, you will find a whole range of different clothing items that can support or complement the Poledance Training. In the following, we would like to introduce you not only to the functional back warmer, which ensures a pleasant and safe pole dance training even in winter. Also colorful tutus are a great purchase and are suitable for a variety of purposes.

Back warmer for safe training even in cold temperatures

Anyone who exercises regularly during the cold months knows the problem: the warm-up units last much longer and the risk of tension is very high if the body has not been sufficiently warmed up. Especially in the case of pole dance, this is problematic, because here you take a lot of complex poses, for which you should be warm. An excellent help here is the use of a back warmer. Whether you want to train in a cool gym, a dance school or at home, the back warmer should always be there and fortunately fits in any sports bag. So no longer has to be paused during the cold season with the training. Throughout the warm-up and workout pauses, the back warmer keeps the body cuddly warm, significantly reducing the risk of injury or muscle tearing. Only when the back is warm, you can train safely. Many professionals also rely on back warmer and carry the stylish accessory, for example, while waiting for the show or at the breaks during a competition. Even when stretching before training sessions or other sports, the back warmer of Dragonfly can be used outstanding. The high quality materials that have been processed here not only provide a secure grip but also the best comfort. And that's no wonder. The manufacturer has specifically designed the back warmer so that the fit snuggles against the female body and keeps the trunk warm. Also for yoga exercises, the skin-tight accessory is therefore ideal and it provides just in combination with matching color.

Fitness clothing for an attractive appearance

As with all training outfits, it is of course important for such a back warmer that a pleasant feeling on the skin is left behind. All Dragonfly back warmer are therefore very soft and despite the fact that they are relatively thin, they remain firm and provide some substance. They envelop the body opaque and the material nestles elastically to the body like a second skin without constricting. In this way the training is not restricted and practiced dancers as well as beginners can do exercises with back warmers, without slipping anything. The material is absolutely suitable for sports and even if it gets a little damp, because you start to sweat during the fitness session, the back warmer does not get cold and dries very fast. Even after several washes, the Dragonfly back warmer still retain their shape and retain the radiance of their colors, making them long-time companions for many athletes. The fact that the material dries so quickly, the back warmer after washing are also quickly ready for use and it can continue with the training. With Dragonfly back warmers you do not risk any pressure and the body is not restricted. The antibacterial fitness clothing just fits perfectly. Choose from our wide selection of fitness accessories for Polesport the right product and optimize the effect of your own training.

Pole Dance Tutus for cool photoshoots

Once you've been training for a while, you'll soon be able to master challenging figures on the pole dancing pole, and you may also want to showcase your skills. Anyone who does not feel so safe with whole choreographies can arrange a small photo shoot with a friend or a photographer, where they can be photographed in a flattering pose. Of course, a cool outfit should not be missing. If you want to spice up your typical Poledance clothing, the colorful Tutus by Sweetie Noire are a great option. Such a tutu comes in several colors, so it can be combined with the existing training outfits. It's best to wear the short tulle skirt over a pair of poledance shorts and a crop top. Thus, the outfit is clearly feminine and it is an exciting accent that comes in photos great advantage. But even at performances, performances or competitions a tutu is a cool extra. Have you been practicing a new choreography with your Poledance group for some time and would you like to audition for the first time? Why not order a few tutus for that special something? Poledance accessories like Tutus are perfect to complement the Poledance training and can be used on special occasions as well as in daily exercises.

Browse our extensive range of cool Poledance accessories now. Whether for an exciting photo shoot with the photographer or your own friends or just to spice up the daily training a bit, accessories are great to help old exercises to get a new impetus. In hardly any sport does self-esteem play such an important role as in pole dancing. Only those who feel comfortable and have warmed up their bodies safely will reach their peak in the end. So choose the right accessories for your dance routine and take your training to a whole new level.

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