Aerial Hoops

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Aerial Hoops for the Start of Aerial Fitness Training

An Aerial Hoop or in some cases also referred as Aerial Ring, Cerceau or even Lyra, is called a round steel ring, the shape of which is not unlike the hula hoop. Unlike this game and sports equipment, the Aerial Hoop is attached to the ceiling to hang in line with it. Quickly, a well-known picture emerges, as it is known by circus artists ,who perform aerial acrobatics. It is now possible to do gymnastics on the hoop, either remaining completely calm and static, but also being able to turn or swing gently back and forth. The Aerial Hoop also has connection points for the suspension. Most rings can be connected in one or two places to hang stably. How many hangers and joints you need depends on what the Aerial Hoop is to be used for. Two suspensions slightly apart allow the hoop to swing back and forth like a trapeze. With this suspension, however, a turning is not really possible.

Float gracefully through the air with Aerial Hoop

Even children are often fascinated by the visit to the circus and are impressed by the trapeze artists and tightrope walkers, who performed elegant feats at dizzy heights. Aerial Fitness also starts here and brings this airy sport in a sense into the living room. It's not always an option for everyone to go to large gyms or simply lack the right exercise equipment. Very few people know that you can assemble the Aerial Hoop at home and practice the new Lieblingssport in peace at home. Floating through the air has never been so easy. Of course, Aerial Fitness is not just about having fun or looking smart. It's a challenging full-body workout, much like Pole Dance. Impressing the performance of the first accrobatic tricks and attracting the attention of the audience is just a pleasant side effect. For training, the Aerial Hoop is hung on one side of the ceiling and is then already a fully functional sports and acrobatics device. Previous knowledge does not need it for the first contact with the air ring. You also do not have to be a well-trained sportsman. The beautiful aerial dance at the Aerial Ring is for everyone to learn. With perseverance and regular training, you will soon be able to make the great characters look so easy and make a great figure.

Aerial Fitness for the home

The installation of the Aerial Hoops does not even require special conditions at home. Although high ceilings can prove to be an advantage, the sports equipment can be practically installed in every apartment and every house. Only a little space should be made before the training, so that in the meantime, there is nowhere to be found. Also, the substrate should be prepared accordingly. For example, Pole Dance mats, but also simple yoga mats as a base to cushion any falls. In general, however, care should be taken not to hang the ring too high at the beginning in order to avoid accidents in the event of a fall.

Properly prepared for the Aerial Training

If the aerial hoop is suspended from the ceiling and fastened stably, training can begin. It should be noted that if possible wear suitable sportswear. These include close-fitting training pants or leggings, a tight T-shirt or top and possibly bicycle gloves. You should refrain from jewelery during the training. Even creaming may prove to be a hindrance and should be postponed to the time after the exercises, so that the hands and body are not too slippery. After a short warm-up, you can start. Especially for beginners, we advise not to get discouraged when an exercise is not sitting right away. With each training session you build more muscle and the exercises will soon be easier.

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