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An aerial hoop, or in some cases also an aerial ring, air ring or even lyre, is a round metal ring that is not dissimilar in shape to the hula hoop. Unlike the hula hoop, however, the aerial hoop is attached to the ceiling and then hangs from it. This quickly creates a familiar image, like that of circus artists performing aerial acrobatics. The hoop can now be used for gymnastics, whereby it either remains completely still and static, but can also be rotated or gently swung back and forth.

The aerial hoop also has connection points for Aerial Mountings. Most of the rings can be connected at one or two points for stable hanging. How many hangers and connectors you need depends on what you want to use the aerial hoop for. Two suspensions slightly apart ensure that the hoop can swing back and forth like a trapeze. With this suspension, however, spinning is not really possible.

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Even children are often fascinated and impressed by the trapeze artists and tightrope walkers performing elegant tricks at airy heights when they visit the circus. Aerial fitness also takes up this challenge and brings this airy sport into the living room, so to speak. Going to big gyms is not always an option for everyone, or there is simply a lack of the right sports equipment. Very few people know that you can also mount the aerial hoop at home and practise your new favourite sport at your leisure. Floating through the air has never been so easy.

Of course, aerial fitness is not just about having fun or looking elegant. It is a demanding full-body workout, similar to pole dancing. Looking impressive while performing your first acrobatic feats and catching the eyes of the audience is just a pleasant side effect. For training, the aerial hoop is suspended from the ceiling on one side and is then already a fully functional piece of sports and acrobatics equipment. No previous experience is needed for the first contact with the aerial hoop.

Getting fit with aerial hoops

You don't even need special conditions at home to assemble the Aerial Hoop. High ceilings can be an advantage, but the sports equipment can be installed in practically any flat or house. The only thing that needs to be done is to make some space before training so that you don't bump into anything during the training. The floor should also be prepared accordingly. Pole Dance Crash Mats, for example, but also simple yoga mats are suitable as a base to cushion any falls. In general, however, care should be taken not to hang the ring too high, especially at the beginning, in order to avoid accidents in case of a fall.

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