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Need the right rigging for your aerial arts equipment? You're in the right place! Our online store offers a diverse selection of rigging solutions for various aerial arts apparatuses. From individual Rigging Plates to Carabiners with Screw Locks and large Frames with Rigging, we have the suitable rigging for every aerial product. Browse our shop and discover our range of high-quality aerial rigging.

Our Extensive Range of Aerial Rigging

In our store, you'll find various types of aerial rigging. The A-Frame from X-Pole is a portable rigging solution, perfect for instances where mounting Aerial Hoops, Aerial Yoga Hammocks, and other aerial fitness equipment isn't feasible, especially with non-load-bearing ceilings. The Round Slings for Aerial Hoops offer easy installation with a load capacity of 2,000 kilograms and a breaking load of 14,000 kilograms (14 tons).

A Swivel with Ball Bearing serves as a rotating anchor point for Aerial Hoops and Aerial Silks, preventing the rigging components from twisting. If you have a load-bearing ceiling, our universal ceiling rigging allows you to mount Aerial Hoops, Flying Poles, Aerial Silks, and other artistic apparatuses to your ceiling. A Safety Chain can be used for ideally securing Aerial Yoga hammocks to a ceiling mount.

Safely Install Equipment with Aerial Rigging

Aerial arts offer a fun, intense, and unique way to train the entire body in a healthy manner. Our comprehensive range of aerial acrobatics products helps you enhance your balance, coordination and flexibility, and efficiently trains your muscles when working with aerial equipment. Explore our shop and discover our selection of high-quality aerial rigging.

Have questions about our aerial rigging? Feel free to contact our customer support. Our consultants are happy to help you find the right aerial yoga equipment for you.

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Install aerial equipment like a pro: With the aerial rigging from our shop, you can easily mount various aerial sports products. Buy your aerial rigging online at POLESPORTSHOP.DE and join the many satisfied customers who have already benefited from our expertise:

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