Aerial Poles (6 Artikel)

Elegant uplift with flying poles

Aerial acrobatics are becoming increasingly popular around the world. So it seems natural that you not only want to admire the skillful acrobats, such as the Cirque de Soleil for big-eyed performances, but also try their hand at gymnastics. That's why Aerial Fitness has long since become a popular bestseller in dance studios. And forms of dance acrobatics in lofty heights, there are so many. From Aerial Yoga, where stretching exercises are carried out with the help of hanging shawls, to a virtuoso dance on rings or the free-swinging Pole Dance pole, the Flying Pole. More and more people are absolutely enthusiastic about this kind of workout and sporty challenge and with a bit of practice they create impressive, artistic tricks themselves. And depending on the variant you have decided on, Aerial Fitness is now offering a functional full-body workout. The combination of strength, stamina and stretching strengthens the whole body and also provides more flexibility. All of the deep-seated muscle regions that often get neglected during dull workouts in gyms or other popular sports are used, claimed and nicely defined. Aerial Fitness is for everyone and can be tried by people of all ages. At the beginning, however, it is advisable to consult a trainer or attend a course to get some good tips. With regular training, you will soon be able to observe how your own fitness level increases and you make noticeable progress.

Trend sport Aerial Pole

Aerial Pole with the free-floating pole dance pole is a great new challenge for many practiced dancers. A more beginner-friendly variant is the use of a classic pole together with Aerial Silks cloths. Here the classic form of Pole Dance is combined with Aerial Silks. Just to improve your own dance expression, this new sport is ideal. You can also gain initial experience in Aerial Fitness, which will benefit you if you dare to advanced variants such as the Flying Poles. Also, the much needed muscles are conveniently built up and just the core muscles and strength in arms and legs are strengthened. Earn first experiences with Aerial Silks and Pole Dance or combine both sports exciting together at the Aerial Pole.

Looking for a new challenge?

With the X-Fly by X-Pole, Pole dancers can rise into the air without wings and experience the feeling of flying. The Pole Dance pole is fixed to the ceiling with a sturdy and tested bracket so that it can swing freely over the floor. Important here is the selection of the location. If you want the Flying Pole for your home, you need as much free space as possible, in which you will definitely not hit anything against your training. An extra designated gym, a freestanding garage or another generously cut and empty space are ideal.

Our tips for more grip on the X-Fly

As many may already have thought, the X-Fly requires above all a good grip to dance more complicated figures and choreographies. Sweaty hands or too little strength mean that quickly. Since the pole is not fixed here, but resonates with every movement, one has to hold on all the more to compensate for this movement. Especially newcomers bring a lot of frustration and you can almost despair at the Flying Pole. However, some products promise relief. Here is a look at our product category Grip products. With our practical grip trainers you can also train your own gripping power in the hand away from the pole, quite simply as an example when watching TV. Sprays, creams and waxes help especially with wet hands and allow more grip on the chrome of the bar. It should be noted, however, that the grip of the metal can vary in different climatic conditions. Humidity and temperature can therefore have a major impact on training. Also, you should refrain from using hand care products such as oily creams before training, since they can significantly worsen the grip.

Add extra spice to your Pole Dance Training with Flying Poles and now look for the challenge of Aerial Fitness.