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Impressive aerial acrobatics with Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks is a very special form of fitness and acrobatics. Two pieces of fabric hang from the ceiling of a room or a single cloth is used, which has been folded in the middle into a loop. Often, the material is a silky fabric that allows the athlete to exercise safely and comfortably. The panels can be used in different ways for training. They can be wrapped around body parts in acrobatic exercises, you can stretch with their help or let yourself fall into the fabric, swinging back and forth, all from different positions. Skilled dancers seem to float through the air with Aerial Silks as you practice. This air acrobatics is also often referred to as vertical cloth acrobatics, named after the vertically hanging from the ceiling cloths with which the sport is practiced. The cloths are usually suspended at a height of several meters. On seat belts is waived due to the low drop height. The practitioner is therefore completely dependent on his own skills to keep the body stable in the air while using the vertically hanging fabric. You do not have to keep up with all your strength, but you can hook yourself into the fabric panels or be caught by them, so that besides the acrobatic part there are also calmer elements in this sport, for example deep and relaxing stretching possible are.

Exercises with Aerial Silks

Aerial silks are basically a sport that can also be practiced by beginners and at home. Provided there is only some space to securely fasten the cloths to the ceiling and nowhere to bump against the later practicing. Especially in larger cities, however, there are always courses in which several of these Aerial Silks are suspended in an exercise room and you can get a taste of this sport under the supervision of a trained and experienced trainer. Basically, there are three different types of tricks for training that can be practiced individually or in combination with each other. There are climbing exercises, wind exercises and fall exercises.

Climbing techniques: The first category, climbing techniques, are ways of gaining height. With techniques like the Russian Climb or the Straddle Climb the cloths are climbed vertically. Above all, balance as well as sufficient strength in arms and legs are demanded here by the athlete.

Winding techniques: The so-called winding techniques, it is a little less exhausting, because the positions to be taken in contrast to climbing quite static. The wipes are wrapped in a controlled manner by the practitioner at one or more points around the body, until finally a desired pose can be taken. The practitioner is held here by the cloths and can thus for example also perform an expansion or completely disengage the hands from the cloth webs. The fabric can be wrapped around the waist to hang backwards. But also foot knots belong to the category of wrapping techniques. The cloth is wrapped around one or both feet, so that the practitioner can stand on it.

Fold Techniques: Perhaps the most challenging technique of the Aeriel Silks is controlled fall. To a certain extent, it also combines climbing techniques and wrapping techniques, as the practitioner wraps himself in the cloths at an appropriate height, only to drop into a lower position afterwards. The cloth wraps itself off, which often causes somersaults or other rolling or rotating movements. The danger in these techniques is the highest, which is why beginners should prefer to train only under instruction.

The aerial acrobatics with the Aerial Silks is a challenging sport and combines the elegance of a dance with power, flexibility and endurance. Anyone who is in the habit of demonstrating case techniques from a lofty height will also recognize how much courage is often required here.

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