Aerial Yoga Hammack Aqua-Blue 2,80 m Width

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Aerial Yoga Cloth - Aerial Yoga as a balance to the stressful everyday life

  • Great addition to Pole Dance training
  • Connects mind, body and soul
  • Relieves the spine
  • Can release mental blockages
  • Reduces stress
  • Can also be practiced outdoors
  • Increases mobility, flexibility and strength
  • The width allows you to fully lay in it
  • Beautiful combination of sports, swinging and relaxation
  • Smooth surface and particularly high load capacity
  • Suitable for beginners, advanced and experts

We at PoleSports know what is important to you when choosing your pole dance and aerial equipment. In order to provide you with the best possible range, we develop our own PoleSports product line. Safety and quality are very important to us. With us you will achieve your sporting goals!

  • 100% Polyester
  • Smooth surface
  • Tear-resistant, durable material
  • Available colors: aqua blue, orange, pink, green, light blue, red, neon green, white, yellow

Please wash your Aerial Yoga hammock by hand in mild soapy water or in the washing machine on a gentle cycle in a sufficiently large net! However, do not use fabric softener, otherwise the grip can suffer.

  • Width: 2.80m
  • Weight: 1.43 kg (6 m)
  • Working Load (WLL): 172 kg

How long does the Aerial Yoga hammock have to be to fit my ceiling height?

The length of your aerial yoga hammock depends on your ceiling height. Correctly hung, the lowest point of your aerial yoga hammock should be at hip height. It is better to choose a longer cloth, this gives you more flexibility when hanging it. You can easily knot the scarf in such a way that excess lengths hang down at the sides. An Aerial Yoga hammock can hardly be too long, but it can be too short!

Do I have to attach the Aerial Yoga hammock to one or two points?

Both types of suspension are possible for the Aerial Yoga hammock. In lower rooms (under 2.5m) and therefore shorter aerial yoga sling, a 2-point mounting could offer you more space during the exercise. Small tip: The distance between the two suspension points should be about 60 cm. With a longer Aerial Yoga sling (e.g. 6m or 7m), the difference between 1-point and 2-point mounting is only minimally noticeable and therefore purely a matter of taste.

What do I need to hang up my Aerial Yoga hammock?

For the 2-point suspension, we recommend 2 slings, 2 carabiners and optionally 2 safety chains for comfortable height adjustment.

For the 1 point suspension we recommend 2 slings, a carabiner and optionally a safety chain. If you want to attach your aerial yoga hammock to your ceiling, you need a correspondingly stable aerial ceiling suspension. If you want your aerial yoga hammock to be able to rotate in the 1-point suspension, you need an additional carabiner and a swivel with ball bearings.

Where is the best place to hang up the Aerial Yoga hammock?

You can hang up your aerial yoga hammock both indoors and outdoors. It is important that your attachment points (e.g. beams, branches, ceilings) are sufficiently stable. Also make sure that there is enough space around your aerial yoga hammock and that it is not permanently exposed to the weather.

Yoga Fabric 2.80 m Wide - Aerial Yoga as a Stress Reliever from Busy Everyday Life

Aerial Yoga is gaining increasing popularity because it combines many active elements in a fitness form. It integrates your mind, body, and soul, providing an effortless escape from the daily stresses. Besides being incredibly fun, Aerial Yoga offers numerous health benefits. It enhances mobility, flexibility, and strength, activates the spine, and relieves tension from your body – making it the perfect counterbalance to your office routine.

Key Features of the Yoga Fabric

The yoga fabrics come in lengths of 3.80 m or 6.00 m and have a width of 2.80 m. By selecting the optimal length, you can adjust the fabric to various ceiling heights and use it flexibly. The width allows for complete immersion in the Aerial Yoga fabric, similar to the Shavasana practice. The relaxation posture at the end of the training calms your mind and forms a unity between your rejuvenated body and soul. The fabric has a working load capacity of 172 kg and is made of tear-resistant nylon.

Hanging a Yoga Fabric

There are various ways to hang a yoga fabric, but it all starts with the correct ceiling mount. This mount must be securely and firmly fastened to a load-bearing ceiling. An Aerial Yoga fabric is usually attached to two suspension points. Additional suspension equipment includes express slings, safety chains, carabiners, and round slings. The choice of suspension method depends on personal preferences and ceiling height. Our customer service is available to assist you with any questions and provide detailed guidance.

Places for Suspension

One of the greatest features of the yoga fabric is the freedom to choose where to practice. You can hang the yoga fabric indoors from sturdy ceilings and beams, or use a special suspension like our X-Pole A-Frame. On warm summer days, you can set up the frame outdoors and practice your yoga session under the sun. Another option is to hang the yoga fabric in nature from a sturdy branch, for which our round slings are well-suited. The fabric hangs securely, and the tree is preserved. With birdsong and sunshine, you can prepare for your upcoming challenges and gather strength and peace within.

  • Available in Aqua Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Red, Neon Green, and White colors.
  • Length options of 3.80 m or 6.00 m.
  • Great addition to Pole Dance training.
  • Connects the mind, body, and soul.
  • Maximum working load capacity: 172 kg.
Content: 3,00 m
Shipping weight: 0,00 kg
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