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Have you ever marvelled at acrobats floating through the air on silk scarves, hoops or hammocks? Now you can learn aerial acrobatics in the comfort of your own home with our range of aerial fitness products! Aerial acrobatics is a free form of expression with countless tricks and exercises for endless creativity! It allows the user to express their talent through movements in the air. Aerialists use muscles that are often not used in daily life or even in sports. Therefore, it's the perfect way to combine sport and art and enrich fitness training.

Extensive selection of Aerial Fitness Equipment in our shop

In our online shop we offer you a wide range of different aerial fitness products. With aerial sports you can train different muscles in your body intensively and at the same time in a healthy way.

Aerial Hoops (also aerial ring or lyre) are round metal rings that hang from the ceiling and are not dissimilar in shape to the hula hoop. The hoop can be used for gymnastics, whereby it either remains completely still and static, but can also be rotated or gently swings back and forth.

At Aerial Silks, two lengths of fabric hang from the ceiling of a room or a single fabric sheet is used that has been folded in the middle to form a loop. Practised dancers use aerial silks to appear to float through the air while striking exercise poses.

In Aerial Yoga, the yoga exercises (asanas) are shifted into the air and one can experience a feeling of weightlessness coupled with childhood memories of swinging. In addition to classical yoga exercises, which are shifted into Aerial Yoga Hammocks, there are also elements from Pilates, strength exercises and even dance elements.

The Aerial Poles offer some notable advantages over conventional dancing poles. The workout experience with aerial acrobatics is very intense, so it is a great way to build strength and flexibility.

The most important questions about aerial sports

Can anyone do aerial sports?

Yes! Women and men from all over the world and all walks of life practice this beautiful art form . Young or old, tall or short, shy or extroverted, everyone has the chance to learn one of the most exciting new sports in the world.

Where can you learn Aerial Fitness?

Aerial fitness classes are now offered in gyms and circus schools. In recent years, many dedicated schools have also been established, so you're sure to find a place to take an aerial class near you! A simple Google search will find the school closest to you.

Can I learn aerial fitness at home?

Absolutely! We offer fully portable A-frames, aerial hoops and accessories for you to use at home, so you can learn your exercises and practice your aerial sports in the comfort of your own home.

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Robust and high-quality equipment is indispensable for very intensive and demanding aerial sports. The aerial products from our shop meet the highest quality standards and allow you to enjoy a carefree dance experience. Discover our wide range of aerial fitness equipment, dance poles, pole dance wear, Pleaser and more. You too can benefit from our expertise, just like so many other satisfied customers before you:

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