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Dive into the Pole Dance Community with our DVDs and books

Not only are we the ideal point of contact for dancers and dancers <>who are looking for the perfect pole dance outfit. In our shop you will also find all sorts of media such as DVDs and books, which are on the one hand as a supplement to the home training, but also just for those interested in giving a good insight into this fascinating sport.

Stay up to date with the Pole Art Magazine

Anyone who is interested in the German-speaking poledance scene and always wants to stay up-to-date is always well-advised with Pole Art Magazine. On many exciting pages there is all sorts of information about the sport itself, upcoming events and competitions as well as interesting facts and tutorials. Any Pole Dance enthusiast will discover something new here and be educated. An exciting part of the magazine is always the interview part. Here, the most varied personalities to speak, from the simple Pole Dance Trainer, founders of events and organizers to aerialists or artists who introduce new, interesting areas of the sport. Even more details are in the story section. Here you can read stories that are not only from experts, but also from newcomers who describe their experiences from the pole dance world. Events are also announced and pre-ordered at Pole Art Magazine. If you like to be there, you will find information on Miss Elections events, competitions or other contests in the event calendar. Knowledge is more about more general topics. In addition to fitness and sports, the focus is mainly on nutrition and lifestyle. Anyone who has always wondered whether a herbal diet is suitable for demanding fitness training or how much blow you really need per night will definitely learn something in this column. One last significant area we would like to highlight is the tutorials section. Here it really goes to the preserves! The tutorial section shows how to easily copy certain exercises, moves or transitions. With the presented exercises it is very easy to spice up your own choreographies or to extend the training plan functionally. Here are usually exercises for every level of difficulty, so beginners feel just as well as professional dancers.

Various training videos for home training

From time to time, exercising on your own pole at home can be quite dull. In order to make the training at home as comfortable as possible, exercises are carried out that are well controlled and easy for you. To counteract the lack of variety from which one benefits in the group, numerous training videos and DVD's offer, so as not to lose the fun of pole dancing. Videos can be used ideally during training with devices such as televisions. If there is no TV in the training room, the videos can be viewed before the start of the training and notes can be taken. We offer DVDs by renowned female coaches who have made a name for themselves in the Poledance world and pass on their skills to interested parties in this way.

Art of Pole by Jamilla Deville

Jamilla Deville has long been known by many. She is a showgirl, trainer, choreographer, studio owner and pioneer in the polesports area. The world-renowned pole dancer and trendsetter in this sport has mastered various forms of dance and looks back on a number of awards, both as a dancer and as a trainer. Accordingly, hardly anyone is better suited to give beginners and advanced instructions. With her series Art of Pole she brings professional pole dance training into many living rooms. She introduces different poledance styles and techniques and motivates to participate. The many DVDs already published provide enough variety to watch again and again. The fluid and elegant movements and transitions of Jamilla offer dancers a great motivation to improve their technique.

Pole Dance DVDs by Alethea Austin

Alethea Austin is also a world-renowned pole dancer and studio owner. Unlike Jamilla Deville, Alethea is characterized by her creative approach. She has already published several videos specifically for the training to share her knowledge with all those interested. Anyone who wants to evolve or find a better start can supplement his training with DVDs specifically on stretches at the poles, splits, fundamentals and floorwork. For a holistic training course, of course, all areas are required, which can be assembled later to aesthetic choreographies. Especially for beginners, an isolated practice of individual components in the pole dance is very useful, so as not to be suddenly overwhelmed. Order a copy of the popular Pole Art Magazine, a training DVD from Alethea Austin or a DVD from Jamilla Deville to add a new dimension to home training.