Dance Pole Accessories (11 Artikel)

Versatile rod accessories for even better training

As with any sport, there are also all sorts of accessories for the Poledance, which can make the training more pleasant, safe or functional. These include, for example, specially developed cleaning agents that do not affect the surface properties of the pole dance pole. Also to be mentioned are complementary training devices that can be attached to the pole and thus provide more diversity in the exercises and the targeted use of individual muscle groups. We would like to introduce you to useful accessories for your Pole Dance pole in the following.

Expand training options? Great additions to the poles

Pole dance is a very diverse sport. Exercises can be freely combined and combined into great choreographies. If you are in the mood for some variety, you can help with great products. Both our Pole Suspension Training System and Pole Silks can be used as a supplement. The Pole Suspension Training System is particularly useful for building muscle. Here, the muscle power and flexibility are trained, which are urgently needed in the actual pole dance. The training system is very versatile and can be used with all dance rods with 45mm diameter. The assembly is quick and easy and easy to do even by newcomers. The Pole Suspension training system is also a great way for fitness studios or polar studios to specifically expand the training cosmos. But also Pole Silks like the product SILKii from X-Pole get even more out of the training. This tool was developed as an accessory for Poledance poles to create a way to integrate the popular Aerial Silks. Now cloth acrobatics is also possible on the pole. The Poledance pole gives the exerciser more security, making it easier to get into vertical acrobatics. In addition, thanks to the silky shawls new, unique figures are possible that you would not otherwise be able to do gymnastics on the pole. X-Pole SILKii can be used with rods of 40mm and 45mm. Also for the Poledance training in dance schools, the product is a great recommendation, as trainers and trainers can hedge students targeted and introduce new, difficult exercises.

Longer enjoyment of training thanks to appropriate cleaning routine

Exercise equipment must be cleaned regularly. This not only ensures that the workout remains comfortable, but also increases the life and functionality of the device. The Poledance pole is no different. Although the material suggests that the pole is not very sensitive to dirt, it is necessary to clean it at regular intervals. By use, the pole comes in contact with a lot of impurities. With each handle on the bar you leave not only your own fingerprints on the metal, but also a thin film of fat, bacteria or dander. The same applies to other body parts that come into contact with the rod. So, if you do not wash every once in a while, you will soon have no fun on your bar. Not only does it look dull and unsightly, it's also hard to get hold of, so it's almost impossible to fill in exercises properly. It is high time to clean the pole! There are great products for that, with which you can remove all kinds of impurities without leaving any residue. We offer cleaning sprays, microfibre cloths and whole cleaner sets. For example, our set X-Clean, which can be used for daily care, consists of a particularly practical cleaning spray and a microfibre cloth. Grip products and residues on the pole can be removed completely. At the same time, the product is gentle to the bar and leaves a pleasant orange smell. Few sprays are enough to clean the whole poles with the rich product. For this, the detergent can either be first sprayed into the microfibre cloth, but also be applied directly to the rod.

Exercise safely all year round with our rod warmer

Hardly any other sport is as temperature-sensitive as Poledance. From the outside, it may seem that this has to do with the ideally short-cut training clothing. In fact, the Poledance pole itself is responsible for this fact. It works best at least 20 ° -25 ° C. At these temperatures you will find the best grip on the pole and the training is the least risk of injury. However, if the Poledance pole cools to below 20 ° C, there are problems quickly. The hands do not stop, you slip off or push yourself. Characters get dirty and you quickly give up the training. Especially in the winter months, this often meant short training sessions, if they are not even completely exposed. Pole warmer now provide a remedy. These devices are the optimal solution to bring metal pole dance poles to training temperature. The one and a half meter long device is attached with Velcro on the pole and turned on. You can now select a desired temperature and temper the bar to 30 ° C or even 40 ° C. The training can start in just 15 minutes. Thanks to its nature, the pole retains the heat for a longer period of time, so even extended training sessions are no longer a problem. Before training, just turn off the Pole Warmer and remove it from the now warmed up pole. So you have a lot of fun during the winter months.

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