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Fitness Products for Pole Dance Enthusiasts

Anyone who has ever tried a try on the pole dance pole, the Aerial Hoops, or the Aerial Silks, will no doubt soon find that the exercises are not nearly as easy as experienced athletes often make them look. Each of these sports combines strength and endurance, which makes them very demanding. That's why pole dancing and general fitness are so inextricably linked. In our range of fitness products, we have put together especially products that are useful in combination with the exercises on tires or rods. So you will find grip trainer in different strength, but also foam rollers, which are generally recommended as a supplement to the sport and can specifically increase your fitness level.

Grip Trainer

Grip trainers are handy, small sports equipment, which can be used especially for strengthening of the hand and forearm muscles. One of our grip trainer has an adjustable resistance that can be used to specifically improve your own grip. The resistance can be chosen from 10kg to 40kg and can be easily adjusted. This makes the exercise machine ideal even for beginners, because you can work with a simple resistance and increase slowly and at your own pace. But also professionals find in our Grip trainer a great addition to your fitness routine. The effective fitness machine supports daily training and is a great preparation especially for pole dance exercises. In hardly any sport it depends so much on their own grip, as in pole dancing. It must be possible for the dancer to stay stable on the pole, but building up enough strength here often takes a long time in simple training. With the support of the training units by a grip trainer, the grip can be strengthened faster and a noticeable improvement is achieved. It is also no problem to train on the go, because the small training device fits in every pocket and can also take in the suitcase on vacation.

Foam scooter after sports

The Foam Roller is known in German as the term fascia roll or hard foam roller. It is a gadget that serves self-massage especially after or before exercise. But also for orthopedic or sport-medical purpose, the role is often used. The goal of rolling over stressed body parts is the massaging of fascia. Fascia are components of the connective tissue and can thus be found in almost all parts of the body. A Foam Roller is particularly suitable for massaging these parts of the body. This can either be done after training as muscle relaxation or before the exercises as part of the warm-up. As a warm-up, the foam roller strengthens the muscles and also loosens deep-seated tension. This can be used, for example, to improve the posture, but also the general body sensation can be trained. Those who train with a foam scooter can specifically prevent some sports injuries or be assisted in the case of injuries during rehabilitation exercises. This makes the Foam Roller the ideal supplement for every fitness enthusiast and you benefit in every sport direction of him.

Foam Roller Exercises for Pole Dancers

With the Foam Roller, various exercises can be performed to specifically support training sessions. Some mobilization exercises specifically for all Pole Dancers are listed below.

Spinal mobilization

The first foam roller exercise we would like to introduce is the back mobilization, in which the back muscles should relax in a targeted way. You lie down with your back on the foam roller while the legs are being set up. Now you walk slowly with your feet forward, rolling your shoulders and back over the scooter until you reach your lower back. Then it is rolled back slowly until the roll arrives back in the neck. However, the head and neck should remain taut during the rolling exercise for the best effect. Even before training for targeted mobilization, this back exercise is ideal.

Thigh massage

Hardly any muscle groups are stressed as much in pole dancing as those of the thigh. As a rule, figures on the pole are held mainly by the power in the legs and after training, this is then shown by muscle soreness or unpleasant tension. The Foam Roller can help loosen over-stressed muscle groups and revitalize them for further training. The thigh can be treated for this purpose, depending on the location of pain or tension, from all sides with the Foam Roller. For this you simply sit down with the respective body part like the back of the thigh on the scooter and roll over the place a few times. Especially if you are not used to this exercise, it can sometimes be unpleasant to pull in the muscle or cause painful pressure on the skin. In case of too much pain, the exercise should definitely be stopped, however, a pleasantly warm feeling should be set at the latest when you have finished the exercise and the muscle has relaxed. If you have a training partner, this can also use the form roller as a massage utensil. For that you lay yourself, for example, on the stomach. The partner then rolls the scooter over the muscle group and has more control over the built-up pressure. Such a training massage is not only pleasant, it also has a positive effect on further training.

Calf massage

Also, the calves are not neglected in the pole dance training. Whether dancing in high heels or doing exercises on tiptoe, tension is also inevitable here and can strengthen the further course of the training. As with the thigh massage, it is also possible to achieve a pleasant relief of the discomfort in the calves with the help of a foam roller. For this you can sit down on the floor after training and roll the back of the calf over the Foam Roller. Lifting the hips off the ground and supporting them with the arms can increase the pressure on the scooter and maximize the effect. The training device relaxes the fascia and relaxes the muscle. This is how you say goodbye to the annoying sore muscles. Foam Rolling is an advanced addition to any type of workout, so the right equipment is now available in many fitness centers or dance studios. But if you train regularly at home, your own purchase makes sense. Foam scooters help prevent muscle soreness. A sensible installation of this technique in the daily training program during warm-up or cool-down is therefore highly advisable. Browse through our shop now and find in our assortment the suitable Foam Roller.