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Aerial acrobatics is becoming more and more popular all over the world. So it's only natural that people not only want to marvel wide-eyed at the skilful acrobats, such as those in Cirque de Soleil, during performances, but also want to try gymnastic exercises themselves. In dance studios, aerial fitness has therefore long since become a popular sales hit. And there are several forms of this dance acrobatics at airy heights. From aerial yoga, in which relaxed stretching exercises are performed with the help of hanging scarves, to virtuoso dancing on rings or the free-swinging dance pole, the flying pole.

More and more people are absolutely thrilled by this kind of workout and sporting challenge and, with a little practice, can create impressive artistic feats themselves. And depending on the variation you choose, Aerial Fitness provides a functional whole-body workout. The combination of strength, endurance and stretches strengthens the whole body and also provides more flexibility. All the deep-seated muscle regions that are often neglected in dull workouts in gyms or other popular sports are used here, are stressed and beautifully defined.

Aerial fitness is for everyone and can be tried by people of all ages. At the beginning, however, it is recommended to consult a trainer or attend a class to get some good tips. With regular training, you will soon be able to observe how your fitness level increases and you make noticeable progress.

Dancing like a professional with Flying Poles from X-Pole

Aerial pole with the free-floating dance pole is a great new challenge, especially for many experienced dancers. A beginner-friendly variation, however, is the use of a classic pole together with Aerial Silks cloths. Here, the classic form of pole dancing is combined with Aerial Silks. This new sport is ideal for improving your own dance expression.

You can also gain initial experience in aerial fitness, which will be of benefit when you venture into more advanced variations such as the flying poles. Also, the much-needed muscles are practically built up and especially the core muscles as well as the strength in arms and legs are strengthened. Gain your first experience with aerial silks and pole dancing or combine both sports in an exciting way with aerial pole.

Your advantages at a glance: Flying Poles from X-Pole from POLESPORTSHOP.DE

With the X-Fly from X-Pole, pole dancers can take to the skies without wings and experience the feeling of flying. Here, the dancing pole is attached to the ceiling by means of a stable and tested mount so that it can swing freely above the floor.

The choice of location is important here. If you want a Flying Pole for your home, you need a room that is as free as possible and where you won't bump into anything during training. A specially designed fitness room, a detached garage or another spacious and empty room are ideal. Buy your Flying Pole online at POLESPORTSHOP.DE and discover our range of Dancing Poles, Pole Dance Wear, High Heels and more. You too can benefit from our expertise, just like so many other satisfied customers before you:

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