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Dare first attempts in Aerial Fitness with our freestanding poles

Freestanding Pole Dance poles, also known as Free Standing Poles, are mainly used for stage performances by dancers. Unlike other mobile and transportable poles, the freestanding poles have no point of contact with the ceiling. Instead, this variant stands on a large, round and, above all, heavy base, which holds it securely and firmly in place while you can dance it to your heart's content. Also in rental housing freestanding poles are very popular. Even if today various models of the classic Pole Dance pole no longer need to be screwed with the ceiling invasive, still fear many, possibly resulting damage if the rod between the floor and ceiling to be clamped and later removed. Even in the event that the home is equipped with extra high ceilings, free-standing poles offer the perfect solution.

The advantage of free-standing poles

Especially professional dancers or dance teachers prefer the freestanding pole often because it can be easily built and used anywhere. It does not need screws, extensions and Co. to fulfill the individual conditions of a room. Instead, these poles can be easily placed anywhere and used directly.

Freestanding poles are suitable for everything:

  • For rooms with particularly high ceilings, for which otherwise expensive individualizations of the pole would have been necessary.
  • For rooms with a false or unstable ceiling that can not be pressed.
  • For traveling, because free-standing poles can be set up almost anywhere.
  • For photo shoots, because you can go to every location perfectly.
  • For performances, because you often can not measure the individual conditions of the room and then take them into consideration.
  • For dance teachers who can give lessons both in studios and in rented rooms.
  • For pole dance parties! In the fitness and pole dance scene, this is just getting more popular and you like to meet for dancing together.

The disadvantage of freestanding poles

Although the freestanding Pole has a lot of great features that many dancers appreciate, there are still some concerns, especially when considering a purchase for private use.

  • Although the poles are very portable, they are very heavy at the same time. Just by itself wearing can therefore prove to be very uncomfortable and exhausting.
  • For transportation, the bar must be dismantled and requires a number of convenient bags. If these are not included, they must be purchased separately.
  • The base of the pole pole needs a lot of space in a room. Before you build them, you must therefore find a place that offers enough space to position the pole as best as possible.

X-Stage - Freestanding Pole Dance Rods by X-Pole

Hardly any concept is as well thought-out as that of the freestanding pole dance pole. The dance pole with pedestal allows flexible training and easy setup within a few minutes. With such an acquisition, you are no longer locally limited in your training and can dance at home as well as at concerts, events or a stage performance. The X-Stage is perfect for that. It also comes with carrying bags and a rollable case, so that all components remain mobile and portable despite their high weight.

Which bar stock is best?

In our shop, we offer a choice of chrome, powder-coated pole dance rods and bars with silicone coating, each material has different characteristics. All our rod types are also available in different colors, so you can choose from several choices for your desired rod.

X-Pole Stage Chrome

The Chrome version of the X-Stage is the most widely sold model. Here you profit above all from the very good price / performance ratio. In addition, the rod is particularly durable and offers a great grip even in different climates. Many appreciate this pole but above all for the appealing look, which is so typical for Pole Dance poles.

X-Pole Stage Powder Coated

The powder coated version is still a novelty on the market. Here is the grip much stronger than, for example, rods of chrome, stainless steel or other metal. Especially if sweaty hands are a known problem, the powder coating could be a great solution. Experienced athletes, who also train complex figures, could get their problems with the particularly strong hold.

X-Pole Stage Silicone

The variant silicone offers the maximum grip. Especially beginners, who want to practice difficult tricks and finally master them, could find a suitable model here. Hapert it on conventional pole on the pole, so the silicone model is a great solution. These poles can also be used with long clothes. Thus, they are also a good choice for trade fairs or for other major events, where tight clothing is reluctantly seen.

X-Pole Hoop - An exciting extra

The X-Pole Hoop is especially suitable for the combination with an X-Stage X-Stage. This spice up the freestanding Pole Dance pole in no time and gives you completely new training possibilities. For the construction, simply connect the base of an X-Pole Stage with the Lyrapole. As long as attention is paid to a uniform diameter of 45mm, all parts are compatible. This gadget is a ring with about one meter inside diameter, where exciting acrobatic tricks can be practiced and performed. Such a ring is mainly known from the artistry, where it is often used as an aerial model hanging on one or more suspensions. This stationary hoop, on the other hand, offers the advantage of stability, which primarily benefits beginners. If you want to supplement your Aerial Training, you can use the X-Pole Hoop to try out complex exercises at a safe height and thus achieve more safety during execution.

Get more flexibility in your free-pole pole dance training.

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