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Gloves and protectors for a painless workout

With the right equipment for your poledance workout, you say goodbye to annoying bruises and make the exercises much safer. Many beginners at the Poledance do not know the advantage of this accessory. If you look at coaches or dance teachers or marvel at the tricks of a pole dancer online, so usually only the dance is displayed on the bar itself. The hours of the training, which were carried out with schooners and gloves as well as foot protectors at home, remain unmentioned, in order to finally be able to show this quality during the performance. Protectors and protectors not only increase safety during training. They also facilitate some exercises. Especially for beginners, this can be a great relief, as they often want faster progress. Clever use of materials for savers and protectors increases the grip on the pole and climbing exercises or turns are now possible with less effort. This allows to increase the training intensity slowly and to accustom the body leisurely but purposefully to the new challenges. Learn more about our products now and get the right equipment for your training success. The cushioning effect and the absence of unpleasant training injuries are guaranteed to convince you quickly.

Gloves for better grip

Especially after warming up or first exercises, when the body slowly but surely starts to sweat, this often has a negative effect on the grip on the pole. Instead of firmly enclosing the poles, the wet palm slips off again and again. The consequence: Even the simplest exercises become dirty and falls are inevitable. Anyone who is regularly plagued by this problem is perfectly advised with Pole Dance Gloves. With a special Poledance glove you have the Poledance pole at any time firmly under control and slipping is a thing of the past. Our gloves to improve your hold have been designed specifically for Poledancer and tailored to their individual needs. Depending on the product, you not only have the choice of different sizes, so that the gloves also fit perfectly. With individual products, the strength of the glove can also be selected. If you decide for a slight grip on the pole, you will receive a durable synthetic leather glove. This is particularly suitable for deep stretching exercises in which too tight a grip on the rod would be disadvantageous again. On request, the handle can then relax and you succeed, for example, slowly and controlled to slide down the bar. The gloves with extra strong adhesion are made of a special paint material. If the achievement of certain figures requires a particularly strong hold, these gloves are ideal, because with them you never lose the grip and sticks almost to the pole. These gloves are also particularly practical for spinning poles, which are not statically installed but are suspended from the ceiling as aerial poles. Poledance gloves give you extra safety during training.

Knee pads cushion every fall

Anyone who practices regularly on the Poledance pole knows enough about bruising and scratched knees. The training demands so much and often one looks afterwards rather as if one got into a fight. Put an end to the whole with the appropriate schooners. In our Poledance Shop you will find knee protectors in different colors and simple designs. Kneepads have a number of advantages for athletes that go beyond the safety of training. Properly placed, kneepads help support the joint and stabilize the muscles, facilitating muscle movement. The material for this sports accessory is breathable and dries quickly, so that no sweat can accumulate. The antibacterial nature gives mold or bacteria no chance, even if there is no laundry in it. If the knee pad then in the washing machine, the upholstery part can easily remove it. The excellent workmanship ensures a long service life. A good knee protector not only protects the front of the knee, but wraps around it from all sides for optimal support. The small recess in the hollow of the knee is strategically chosen so that the dancer never loses hold of the pole dance pole. If the exercise is a bit more complicated and a fall can not be avoided, you do not have to worry about wearing high-quality schooners. And carefree and without worry about scraped knees can start equally confident in the new, more difficult exercise. Progress can be achieved much faster.

With foot protectors increase the grip

Our foot protectors come in different versions and are worn either on the foot rest or even on the entire foot including lower leg. In any case, these smart gadgets support the training enormously and also make it much safer. The padding on the foot itself protects dancers from excessive local pressure. Neither abrasions nor blisters are to be feared after the training. Even more important, however, is the condition, because the material of the foot protector increases the grip of the foot on the pole. This increased liability can also make climbing figures or turns better and cleaner. With the small foot protectors, which are worn on the foot, you have the choice of different sizes, so that the saver also fits perfectly without pressing. However, if you opt for the larger leg protectors with adhesive strips that extend down to the lower leg, the protective effect is also higher. The adhesive strip gives you more grip on the Poledance pole during training and also climbing exercises are much easier and the otherwise quickly damaged skin on the foot and leg is spared. If you try out new and difficult figures, such a protector on the leg can provide additional security and the exercise may be easier. The upholstery used here protects the instep and tibia during training against bruises. The increased grip in climbing exercises saves you above all strength and gains routine on the pole.

Would you like to be able to do without abrasions and bruises when training in the future? Then schooners and gloves are the perfect choice for you. Not only are sensitive areas of your body protected from the pole, but knee protectors cushion the impact even in the event of a fall. Especially beginners, who still lack sufficient gripping power to perform complex figures, gloves and ankle protectors can be a great help in training, since they can reduce the general effort required for pole dance.

Decide now for the products of your choice and benefit from the wide assortment variety, which comes mostly even with variations or in other colors. With us you are not dependent on opening hours, but you can order your training accessories quickly and reliably online at any time.