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Even the best happens from time to time: You will not even get a hold on the pole and slip off, no matter what you do. However, the training here does not have to be over soon. There are a whole range of tips and tricks as well as practical products that help to prevent slipping. Such Grip products, also called Gripmittel or Grip Aids, can sometimes cause real miracles. However, not every remedy is suitable for every occasion. Depending on what one has to suffer during training, other tools are suitable to manage accordingly. In the following, we identify various reasons for slippery hands or weak grip, pointing out good solutions.

No power in the hands

Anyone who suffers from too little strength in the hands, has trained too hard on the previous days, so that the muscles were overstrained, or whose muscles are still in development. Anyone who does not have sufficient strength in hands, arms and legs during pole dancing will find it difficult to get enough grip on the pole. For this purpose, there are various training devices that can specifically train the hand muscles and thus the grip. Of course you can make it over time through regular training to more muscle in your hands, but appropriate gadgets can help here. Especially our grip trainer with adjustable resistance is ideal. The arms and legs, on the other hand, can be well supplemented off the pole, for example by performing functional exercises such as push-ups and squats. This also supports the core muscles, which also provides stability when training on the pole.

Freshly creamed hands

But not always a lack of strength is the problem. If you have recently rubbed your hands or used your hands to apply facial or body lotion, you probably still have a thin film of fat on the skin. What is good for the body care, but harms in the case of the adhesion to the Poledance pole very much. Not only is it so much harder to find a foothold, the training becomes all the more risky. An accidental slipping also always involves a risk of injury. If you want to get creamed anyway, you should do it after your workout or have a shower before, or wash your hands and greasy areas with a soap without nourishing oils. This removes the annoying movie and you will find a better grip on the poles.

Sweaty hands

Poledance training can be very frustrating for those who sweat a lot on their hands. However, there are also appropriate solutions under the Grip products. Straight grip wax provides, applied to the bar, for better grip. Another excellent product is Dry Hands Grip, which is especially effective on sweaty hands and competently dries them. Here you have to fear neither powder residue nor other residues that could prove annoying during training. Some Grip Aids act as a deodorant as an anti-perspirant and protect against further sweating, leaving the skin sweat-free for a long time after use. Especially, those who are prone to sweating, should use the necessary products at least ten minutes before the start of training to benefit from the full effect and have to start training dry and grippy hands.

Dry hands

If the skin on your hands is too dry, this may be more of a hindrance to stopping at the pole. It helps to experiment with skin care products on workout-free days. If the skin remains dry, switching to another skin care routine is advisable. For example, Dew Point Body Spray is a good product for keeping hands dry without drying them out directly. This moisturizes and at the same time helps with adhesion. In addition, the skin compatibility is tested and Dew Point Pole is particularly gentle, even with dry winter skin.

Almost everyone has their favorite product among professional athletes, and that's the same with pole dancing. While some swear on Wax to get more grip on the pole, others only insist on strengthening their own grip through appropriate training and finding their own grip on the pole. In our experience, however, it is easier for beginners in particular if they know how to help themselves with the corresponding products. All of our Grip Aids and Grip products have been specifically designed for pole dancing, often with the help of dancers. So excellent products have been created that make the sport for many only the more attractive and easier for beginners.

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