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Heel Protectors: Your High Heels' Bodyguards

Some people believe that true dance shoes should show signs of use. Others cringe at every scratch on the platform or heel of their beloved Pleaser Heels. Do you prefer to keep your shoes in impeccable condition? But how can you prevent unsightly scratches and dents? Do your cherished Pleaser Heels stay in the closet, or do you accept the wear and tear? No, there's a solution: Heel Protectors or Heel Guards. These heel protectors safeguard your shoes from damage, look great, and perfectly complement your Pole Dance attire.

How Do Heel Protectors Work?

Heel Protectors preserve the front area of your Pleaser Heels and the platform. They prevent abrasions, keeping your shoes looking beautiful for longer, and they also protect the floor of your dance space. Sometimes, shoes can leave unsightly marks on the floor. This won't happen with Heel Protectors.

The platform protectors are like socks that are pulled over the front of the shoes from the outside. They fit securely, facilitate sliding on the floor, and can be changed, washed, and replaced as needed. Heel Protectors for your Pleaser Heels are not permanently fixed or glued. With the wide range and countless choices of Heel Protectors, you can give your shoes countless new looks. Heel Protectors are made of soft jersey material. This material is naturally stretchy and conforms perfectly to your shoes.

What Are the Benefits of Pleaser High Heel Protectors?

  • Protects the platform of your Pleaser Heels
  • Perfect fit for Pleaser Heels
  • No more scratches and damage
  • Fits platforms and heels ranging from 15cm to 22cm
  • Suitable for shoe sizes 36 to 43
  • Easy to clean with machine washing

Heel Protectors take up minimal space in your training bag, ensuring you always have the right Heel Protectors for your Pleaser Heels and your Pole Dance outfit. That's style.

What Types of Heel Protectors Are Available for My Pleaser Heels?

Choose discreet High Heel Protectors or make a fashion statement. Heel Protectors come in solid colors or various patterns. Opt for black Heel Protectors for black High Heels, and no one will notice that you're protecting your shoes from damage. Or draw attention to your shoes with patterns and leopard prints.

  • Single-color Heel Protectors in black, pink, or blue, for example
  • Heel Protectors embroidered with manufacturer logos
  • Heel Protectors in animal prints (leopard/snake patterns)
  • Heel Protectors with floral patterns
  • Heel Protectors with neon patterns

In addition to Pleaser, brands like Luna Pole Wear, Rolling, or Pole Addict have also expanded their range to include Heel Protectors. You'll enjoy browsing through the selection. It's best to get a set in classic solid colors and a few Heel Protectors in your favorite colors and patterns. They're sure to complement your outfits and keep you up to date.

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