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Leg Warmers for Pole Dance Training are great for warming up the body

Anyone who runs a sport professionally also needs the appropriate equipement: you will find everything you need besides your tops and trousers for your pole dance training! We offer you a wide selection of different Legwarmer for every taste.

Legwarmer comes in many stylish colors

Our Pole Legwarmers are available in different lengths and thicknesses. So you can find here with us your individually fitting Pole Dance Legwarmer, according to your needs. You have the choice of different designs, strong or delicate colors, coarse or fine knit, with or without heel neck - we offer you everything you need for a successful workout! Our Legwarmer are all made of 100% acrylic. They feel very fluffy on the skin and give you a comfortable fit thanks to the soft knit. Depending on the model you have the choice between different lengths or knit patterns that affect the strength of the fabric. With wide frets and stitched ends, our Pole Dance Legwarmer guarantee a firm fit even during demanding movements and strenuous exercise. So you do not have to worry about your clothes and you can concentrate more on each movement.

Legwarmers help to prevent injuries during pole dancing

Our Pole Dance Legwarmers ensure that your muscles are well warmed up during exercise. This effectively reduces the risk of injury and makes your training even better and safer. Especially a Legwarmer is suitable for the warm-up phase or for training in cooler temperatures. With our Pole Dance Legwarmer, you'll save your body and improve your training! But that's not all: our Pole Fitness Gauntlets are not only practical, they look good too. With them you can spice up your pole dance outfit and create your own style! With our colorful Pole Dance Legwarmer you can stand out from the crowd while supporting your muscles! All in all, our Pole Dance Legwarmer is an indispensable helper for your professional pole dance training. With them you can feel safe, sexy and desirable, without having to worry about injuries!

With us you will find everything you need for your training! We carry Pole Dance clothing for every taste and every figure. This makes every woman feel special, sexy, attractive and simply desirable! Discover with us the new trend sport Pole Dance and become the queen on the pole!