Lupit Pole Stage Long Legs Stainless Steel 45 mm

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Required ceiling height 

Lupit Pole Stage Long Legs - The perfect dance stage for home with extra safety!

  • Mobile pole dance stage for indoor and outdoor
  • Unparalleled smooth spinning mode
  • Freestanding, no need for ceiling fixation
  • Effortless setup and dismantling of the stage in 3-5 minutes
  • Highest stability and safety, thanks to 6 extra-long 6 legs
  • Adjustable for lower heights with optional pole part
  • Highly modern design, beautiful and smooth shapes and surfaces
  • Instant switch between static and spinning mode
  • Possible installation of a vertical cloth, thanks to the ring at the top of the pole
  • No lateral slipping of the stage, thanks to adjustable feet with non-slip surface
  • Switch modes during performance by simply rotating the quick lock safety ring

To install the Lupit Pole Stage Long Legs in the standard set, you need a minimum height of 3.10 m from the floor to the ceiling. To ensure that you can set up your stage easily, please measure your exact ceiling height before purchasing. The Lupit Pole Stage can also be adjusted for lower ceiling heights with optional pole parts. You can check out the Lupit Pole Height Calculator or contact our customer service for more information.

Lupit Pole

"Top priority is your SAFETY!", Lupit Pole has made this motto its motto. The European manufacturer impresses with functionality, the latest technology and carefully selected materials. Lupit Pole has thus established itself as one of the leading brands in the field of pole dance and Aerial Sports.

  • Particularly robust and corrosion-resistant
  • Good grip level (comparable to chrome version)
  • Especially suitable for Polerinas with nickel allergies
  • Timeless style thanks to the reflective surface finish
  • Easy to clean e.g. with the iTac2 Pole Cleaner Spray
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Function: Spinning, Static, Quick Lock
  • Total height: 2905 mm
  • Diameter stage: 1.6 m

Lupit Pole Stage Inspirations

Lupit Pole Stage Installation Video

Can I leave my Lupit Pole Stage outside regardless of the weather?

A Lupit Pole Stage can be set up outdoors (garden, forest, meadow,...), but it should not be permanently exposed to moisture. The pedestal and the poles are made of steel and could possibly rust. It is therefore better not to leave your Lupit Pole Stage outside overnight, as high humidity or morning dew also promote corrosion.

Can I combine the individual parts of the Lupit Pole G2 with the Lupit Pole Stage?

Because the Lupit Pole G2 and the Lupit Pole Stage are two completely different systems, the individual parts CANNOT be combined.

Is it difficult to set up/take down the Lupit Pole Stage?

Assembling and dismantling the Lupit Pole Stage is easy and can be completed in just a few minutes with a little practice. Here's a simple step-by-step assembly guide.

What is the minimum ceiling height I need to set up a Lupit Pole Stage?

In order to properly set up the Lupit Pole Stage, your ceiling must be at least 310 cm high. If you replace the standard extension with an original Lupit Pole Stage extension, you can also set up your stage with lower ceiling heights.

  • Lupit Pole Stage extension 500 mm - for ceiling heights over 215 cm
  • Lupit Pole Stage extension 750 mm - for ceiling heights over 240 cm
  • Lupit Pole Stage extension 1000 mm - for ceiling heights over 265 cm

Lupit Pole Stage Long Legs - The Perfect Stage for your Home with extra Safety!

The Lupit Pole Quick Lock is a product that moves the boundaries of pole technology! Lupit Pole Quick Lock is unique fast locking system, which enables a performer to change from spin to static in less than a second. No hex keys and no screws, just the simple twist of the locking ring on the lower bearing system. The performer can change the mode in the middle of the performance, which adds a new dimension to both, dance and choreography.

The Lupit Pole Stage is portable pole dancing podium that can be assembled in just a few minutes, giving you the opportunity to use the stage wherever it suits you best: indoor or outdoor.

Lupit Pole Stage Features:

  • Lupit Pole Quick Lock: Spinning/static mode change in less than a second (no tools necessary)
  • Excellent spin (using automotive and aerospace engineering)
  • The pole is made of two equal pieces using HQ Lupit Joints
  • Very stable and rigid construction with 6 legs. Each leg has 2 adjustable disks. Outer discs are bigger and have large anti-slippery surface
  • Easy to assemble within 3-5 minutes
  • State of the art design, nice and smooth shapes
  • On the top of the pole is prepared a mount with a ring for aerial silks (optional)

Dimensions and Technical Specifications:

  • Total Height = 2905 mm
  • Usable height (from podium to top of pole) = 2810 mm
  • Diameter of the podium = 1600 mm
  • Advanced stability legs: Minimum needed space diameter = 2500mm
  • Total net weight = 68 kg
  • Diameter of the pole = 45 mm
  • Material of the usable pole: Mirror polished stainless steel
  • Podium: 3 glossy hard laminated base plates, 3 mat laminated base plates
Shipping weight: 0,10 kg
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