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Lupit Pole - The new generation of pole dance equipment

Lupit Pole is popular with dancers around the world, mainly because of their more personal approach. Each product has its own special attention and, with a boutique approach, it is put together according to its technology, functionality, design and choice of materials. The result is innovative and high quality Pole Dance poles as well as various accessories. Over and over again, Lupit Pole consulted professional dancers in the development stages and involved athletes to make their own products even more user-friendly. The constant improvement of own goods belongs to an important approach of the group, not only concerning the design or the technology, but also the quality of the materials.

The holistic approach of Lupit Pole

Not only does Lupit Pole offer high quality and classy Pole Dance poles, it also has a wide range of matching accessories and complementary products. Above all, it should create a variety of options to make Pole Dance Sport accessible to even more people in the future. It is always thought around the corner to bring innovations in the industry and thus to offer exciting new products to customers worldwide. Lupit Pole has been on the market since 2009 and has since proven itself in the hobby field as well as among professionals.

Lupit Pole Poles - Also a good choice for dance studios

There is something for everyone in our range of Lupit Pole Dance poles. In addition to the popular model Lupit Pole Classic stainless steel, you will also find the exciting Lupit Pole Diamond dance pole and the Lupit Pole PRO studio pole in our shop.

Lupit Pole Classic - The premium product for beginners too

The Lupit Pole Classic made of stainless steel is produced even in Germany and has a high-quality finish. The processing convinces with the highest quality. The spinning mode is also possible, which offers unprecedented possibilities for pole dancing. On the polished metal of the rod is a good grip and optically convinced the Lupit Pole by their noble and classic look. The plug-in system for the construction is particularly user-friendly and quick to assemble. Even without technical know-how, the Lupit Pole Classic is easily assembled in just a few minutes without screwing and using a ladder. The necessary protection on the floor and ceiling is provided by a high-quality rubber.

Lupit Pole Diamond - The exciting alternative

The Lupit Pole Diamond dance pole is similar in design to the Lupit Pole Classic. A real highlight are the many genuine Swarovski crystals, which adorn the pole decorative. These provide the right lighting for an absolutely charming and fascinating play of light. If the pole is still in spinning mode, the whole room will be enveloped in a breathtaking sea of light. Of course, the bar also has a certificate of authenticity that confirms the quality of the Swarovski crystals used.

Lupit Pole PRO - The studio pole

The Lupit Pole Pro is only available as a special edition for studios. Therefore, a longer delivery time is to be expected here, which should be taken into account when purchasing. The conception of this Pole Dance pole focused on the requirements of the studio business. As a rule, no static structure is possible here. Thanks to the Lupit Pole Cart clamping device, a ceiling is therefore clamped between the ceiling and the floor, which allows assembly and disassembly within seconds. This way, every training room becomes a pole dance studio in no time. The Lupit Pole PRO is made exactly matching the existing ceiling height. The result is a single-piece bar that eliminates the need for unstable couplings or extensions. The surface of elegantly polished stainless steel provides the best grip and allows a good workout.

Lupit Pole Accessories - The perfect complement for home and studio use

Lupit Pole offers all sorts of accessories for Pole Dance poles. You can find ceiling mountings as well as wall mounts, mounting aids and extensions in our shop. Particularly exciting is probably the innovative product Lupit Pole Grip, which allows the optimal grip on the pole dance pole. With nanotechnology, sweaty and slippery hands are finally being counteracted. Even the smallest amounts are enough to feel a noticeable improvement in the hold. This is recommended especially when complex figures such as Climbs or Holds are on the training plan. The product comes with an extra cushion, one side of which is particularly suitable for applying to the hands and the other is intended directly for the pole dance pole.

Lupit Pole Mats - The safe training extension

With the high-quality mats from Lupit Pole, you can finally say blue spots after training. The practical mats are available in the standard version as well as in a PREMIUM version. The mats are great for daily exercise and reduce the risk of injury. But they also have a psychological effect, because when practicing it is much easier to gain more courage and to try even more difficult characters without fear of falling. This provides Lupit Pole with the extra portion of safety. Thanks to their practical design, Lupit Pole mats can then be set up in just a few seconds and they stay where they belong during training. The mats are made here, just like the bars of Lupit Pole, entirely in Europe. All materials used come from German production, which ensures a high quality and also a special longevity. When buying a matching Lupit Pole mat, not only can you decide on the strength of the upholstery, but there are also mats in different colors to buy, from which a favorite can be selected. Visit our shop now and browse the large selection of products from Lupit Pole. You will definitely find great accessories for your further Pole Dance Training.

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