Pole Dance Crash Mats (18 Items)

Poledance Mats - Safe training at home and in the studio

Training on the Poledance pole is anything but safe for beginners, and even experienced dancers still have a high risk of injury. Especially when training at high altitude, a fall can cause a few bruises or worse. To protect yourself, you should not train without a corresponding pole dance mat. These padded mats, which can be placed around the pole in a circle, are the perfect protection and cushion cambers and bumps perfectly. Whenever you do not just want to move around the pole during poledance training, but actually want to perform actual figures, a mat is essential and guarantees a gentle landing later.

An extra dose of security with Poledance mats

When it comes to doing acrobatics or even hanging upside down on the pole, not only courage but a good deal of self-confidence is required. If it lacks the necessary security measures, one does not dare to start such fun exercises. Pole dance mats, however, help dancers to feel comfortable and secure on the pole, which means they can achieve significantly faster training progress. The purchase of such a utensil therefore makes sense for every Pole dancer.

TOP quality and excellently processed

The mats available in our shop are all superbly engineered to provide pleasant support during training. No matter which mat you choose, all our products are tested skin-friendly and free of plasticizers, so that floor exercises can be completed on it. In addition, they are non-slip, even if you sweat while training. The subsequent care and cleaning then goes by itself and you can simply wipe the mat with a damp cloth or soapy water and it is like new. So nothing stands in the way of their use with children, for example in schools or sports clubs, or a series of these mats can be made available by dance studios. After the training once carefully wiped off and the mat is ready for the next use. Even physiotherapists can benefit from these versatile mats. The high-quality materials and great workmanship ensure a long life, even if the mat has been strained during daily training. The seams can withstand even rough workouts without any problems and even when it gets a little tougher, the mat stays pleasantly soft.

The placement of your pole dance mat

All pole dance mats are made with a hole in the middle. Here you should go through the Poledance pole at the end. The mat can therefore be opened on one side and drape so easily around the pole. With zipper or Velcro you can then safely close them, so that they can develop their full protective function. With a so-placed pole dance mat, it does not matter if you slip and fall down, because the thick pad of the mat gently cushions the body and protects it from unpleasant injuries. If you do not want to have the mattress always built up, you benefit from folding and folding mats. These can be folded up well after training and can be stored and stored in a space-saving way with little space requirement. In this way, the mats can also be transported great, if you want to train somewhere else and is not sure if there are locally mats in sufficient quantity. All mats can be folded to four-quarters and placed so conveniently anywhere, as it consists of four high-quality cores with outstanding damping properties that skim every impact and gently cushion. The mats are also fully folded within a few seconds, as the stable Velcro connection can be installed quickly.

Our Pole Dance Mats always fit

The Poledance mats you will find in our shop are all circular in shape to provide equal protection on each side of the pole. This makes the mats ideal for pole dancing and a top choice for both beginners and advanced dancers. For our assortment, we have chosen products with an aesthetically appealing and timeless design. For this reason, a large part of the mats is black and fits perfectly into any interior or gym. If you want to be a little bit more amazing and like the glamorous look, our high-quality Pole Dance Mats can also be found as a variation in gold or silver metallic or a cool hot pink. Available in different colors and strengths, our offer includes the right product for every dancer.

Order now easily online your desired product and make the training on the bar so much safer in the future.