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Cool shirts for the perfect pole dance outfit

If you really want to have fun with training, the matching outfits are essential. This is especially true at the pole dance. Hardly any sport combines sport and aesthetics as much as the pole dance. There are many opportunities to put together a great workout outfit. Some may like to use ready made sets, others prefer sports bras and shorts. For many, however, training in longer pole dance shirts is a good alternative. But is it always necessary to pay attention to a high quality of training shirts? Why it makes sense to invest money in good training shirts, we would therefore like to bring closer.

Is fitness clothing necessary at all?

One of the questions we often hear from beginners on the pole is the appropriate sports apparel for the need. Especially if the training is initially regarded as just a hobby and you just 1-2 times a week to the Pole creates, the impression may come up, appropriate T-shirts, shorts and sports bras are not necessary and the cost would be not profitable. The training remains the same, no matter what you wear, right? Unfortunately, this assumption is not true. Especially sportswear combines various functions that can not be fulfilled by everyday clothing. And not only professional athletes will appreciate this quickly. Our sports shirts are made in such a way that they support athletes for optimal training success. The practice of the Poledance exercises is not restricted by the material and the shirts convince in terms of elasticity, as they join in every movement. Different sports make different demands on the athlete. Depending on the training session, body-conscious clothing, which should fit snugly on the body, is the preferred choice in pole-dancing. In other cases, textiles can also be worn loosely.

Training even in cold months

As a rule, dancers on the pole wish for as much skin contact as possible. This helps to keep even in complicated exercises and to stay in balance. But especially in the winter months, it is difficult to reach an optimal training temperature with short shorts and short shorts. Especially for beginners it is so important to start the training only when warmed up. Anyone who saves on warming up will incur a great risk of injury, which otherwise could easily be avoided. Longer clothing helps to keep the body warm. Our Poledance shirts can therefore be stylishly worn over the actual training outfit. They can either only be worn during the warm-up phase and during training breaks, but are also suitable for training due to their fit and cut.

Do not show so much skin

Pole dancing has been proven to help women become more self-confident. You get a completely new body feeling, moves rhythmically and sensually to the music and can feel the training effect soon off the pole. Nevertheless, especially beginners at the beginning do not want to train in too short training outfits. Even though short shorts and crop tops are absolutely recommendable for the pole dance, longer shirts are a good alternative at the beginning. Even with these shirts you have to be properly dressed and can start confidently in twists and climbing exercises. Over time, many dancers will surely find that the exercises without shirt and only in the sports bra better, while others prefer the shirts during training. So everyone in our offer will find the right product for long-term fun while dancing.

The right design for everyone

When it comes to T-shirts, everyone has their own preferences. According to the own figure and the own sense of style, you like different cuts and other colors. In our assortment you will find a wide selection of shirts and tops to provide the right product for everyone. In addition to classic tank tops with prints or round neck T-shirts, you will also find more unusual models, for example, with stylish Ties on the sides or off the shoulder design. Most shirts are also available in different shades, so you can combine them optimally with other training clothes. No matter if you prefer a muted color tone or rather a colorful one, we have the right shirt for you.