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Ceiling Height 

X-Pole XPert (NXN) - The special kind of dance pole

  • Easy to switch between spinning and static mode in 2 easy steps
  • Super easy installation with no drilling, ladder or additional tools
  • Uncomplicated assembly by just one person and without outside help or technical expertise
  • Easy video assembly instructions instead of boring or complicated chaos of notes
  • Absolutely mobile, easy to transport and set up almost anywhere
  • Protection against damage to the floor or ceiling with a silicone ring on the floor and ceiling panel
  • Firm hold on the ceiling thanks to the extra-wide ceiling plate with a special T-shape coupling
  • Maximum stability, even on uneven floors, thanks to a unique, adjustable foot
  • Sleeke surface with no risk of injury thanks to seamlessly merging rod elements and countersunk screws

B-Stock refers to items with damaged or missing original packaging and possibly slight signs of wear or optical defects. Most of these items come from customer returns within the cancellation period. Some of them were set up and used for trial purposes. There is full warranty for these items.


X-Pole stands for empowerment, strength and fitness. With X-Pole by your side, you will grow beyond yourself! To support you, X-Pole has developed high-quality dance poles and aerial equipment with the highest level of quality and safety, catapulting itself to the top of the world in this segment.

  • particularly robust and corrosion-resistant
  • good grip level (comparable to chrome version)
  • Especially suitable for Polerinas with nickel allergies
  • timeless style thanks to the reflective surface finish
  • easy cleaning e.g. with the X-Pole cleaning set
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Function: Spinning, Static
  • Diameter base plate: 12 cm
  • Diameter cover plate: 28 cm

This Is X-Pole - Beyond The Expected

What is the diameter of the top plate/base plate of the X-Pole Home Poles?

  • X-Pole XPert SPORT (NS): top plate = 230mm, base plate = 230mm
  • X-Pole XPert (NX): top plate = 380mm, base plate = 120mm
  • X-Pole XPert PRO (PX): top plate = 280mm, base plate = 120mm
  • X-Pole XPert (NXN): top plate = 280mm, base plate = 120mm

How do I choose the right pole diameter?

We recommend the standard pole diameter of 45 mm. This is also used in most studios and competitions. The 40 mm pole diameter is more suitable for people with small hands.

Will the X-Pole damage the floor or ceiling?

The top and bottom plates are surrounded by a silicone ring. If this ring is free of dirt/dust, your ceiling and floor will also stay clean. In addition, the silicone ring reliably prevents the formation of pressure points or scratches when the poles are assembled and disassembled correctly. Nevertheless, it is advisable to remove the poles between training sessions on sensitive surfaces (textured wallpaper, cork, etc.). This also protects your ceiling/floor from pressure points.

What kind of ceiling/floor is necessary to set up an X-Pole safely?

In the case of solid floors and ceilings, the construction of the X-Pole is completely unproblematic. With soft floors (e.g. carpet) it is only advisable to clamp your poles a little tighter. If you have a lightweight ceiling (e.g. Rigips), make sure to place the X-Pole under a load-bearing beam that is at least as wide as the ceiling plate. The best way to find the ceiling beams is to tap the ceiling. More on this is explained in the X-Pole assembly video.

Mounting on sloping ceilings or free-hanging beams is also possible, check out our selection of alternative ceiling mounts.

Up to what ceiling height or with how many extensions can I set up an X-Pole?

The basic rule is: the fewer pole elements, the better! So it is better to choose one 1000 mm than two 500 mm extensions. The maximum construction height should not exceed 3.38 m.

If your ceiling height is more than 3.40 m, we can alternatively recommend our selection of studio poles. You are also welcome to contact our customer service, we will try to find a suitable solution for you.

Pole Finish: Stainless Steel
Function: Spin and Static
Field of Application: Semi-Professional + Home
Portable: Yes
Shipping weight: 19,00 kg
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