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X-Pole Pole Dance Poles - Market leader for Pole Dance and Aerial Fitness

X-Pole is by far one of the most important manufacturers of pole dance poles and accessories on the market. The brand was founded back in 2003, making it one of the pioneers of pole dance products in the fitness scene. More and more people have been able to use X-Pole products to build a Pole Dance pole in their own four walls. The design and solutions have been adapted over the years. The poles are more stable than ever before, offering significantly increased safety. An installation is less invasive is possible without manual skill and damage, so nothing stands in the way of putting the poles in rental apartments. Also in terms of Aerial Fitness X-Pole has become one of the great pioneer. The trend towards aerial acrobatics was recognized early and correctly and became the basis for a whole new product line. With this, X-POLE has decisively developed the industry. Today, X-Pole products are among the most technically advanced products. Thus, they are not only suitable for beginners, but also for professional dancers or pole dance schools and gyms.

X-Pole products bring the favorite sport home

For a long time the Pole Dance Training was limited to a few dance schools or studios. For many it was unthinkable to build a pole of its own since the installation was complicated or, depending on the circumstances of the home, impossible. This is not a problem today. There are not only several dance schools throughout Germany, which are easy to discover with the help of our dance school search. Thanks to major manufacturers such as X-Pole, the Pole Dance pole has also found its way into living rooms or other private rooms. X-Pole brings training to your own four walls. Whether beginner, advanced or long-time professional on the pole, the high-quality products from X-Pole really satisfy everyone. X-Pole is one of the leading brands, especially in terms of technical innovations and maximum safety. With X-Pole the right decision is always made and the outstanding products really fulfill every requirement.

X-Pole Rods - The perfect addition to the Home Workout

The Pole Dance poles by X-Pole are still among our bestsellers. The combination of the excellent quality and the very good price-performance ratio seduces to buy again and again. The professional Xpert rods are already available in the third generation and are not only used by beginners, but also by professional dancers worldwide. Some of our poles can be installed in such a way that they can be used on the one hand statically and on the other hand rotatable, ie with spinning function. In addition, different materials are available for many rods. Chrome is certainly the classic and as insensitive all-rounder especially for experienced dancers very popular. The alternative to this are powder-coated rods. These are especially suitable for grip problems. People with sweaty hands benefit from this and find a lighter grip on the pole. X-Pole offers the perfect solution for everyone. Our tip: Most poles are available in different colors. From classical to pink to gold, everything is there what your heart desires.

X-Pole extensions - What does not fit is made to fit

For each of its Pole Dance poles (that is, every color variant and every finish), X-Pole also offers the matching extensions. This allows the length of the rod to be expanded as desired and adapted to individual conditions. The extensions can be safely used with all X-Pole rods from a certain generation and can be stably and safely put together. We advise against using too many extensions. Instead, these are available in different lengths and buyers should try to get as close as possible to their desired size with as few extensions as possible. Tips for assembling and assembling the rods, you will find directly as information on the corresponding products on our site.

X-Pole X-Joint Couplings - The secure connector of X-Pole

The connectors for the secure and stable connection of two original X-Pole rod elements, such as an Xpert pole and an X-Pole extension, are available individually and fittingly in our shop. For every model you will find the right connection element. In this way, the use of pole dance rods with extensions and extensions is absolutely harmless. These are just as stable as the rest of the pole.

X-Pole Ceiling Mount - For an ideal installation

The X-Pole Ceiling Mount is the perfect connector between the ceiling and the Pole Dance pole. Only through a correct and, above all, proper installation, an effective training is possible. Ceiling mount by X-Pole is available as a home mount for a stable connection with, for example, a beam, as well as a slanted ceiling mount. The classic fixed ceiling mount is firmly screwed to the ceiling and thus allows a permanent and very secure attachment. Also, the spinning function of the rod can be completely retained in such a structure. The fixed slant ceiling support has been specially developed for mounting on sloping ceilings or other supports and can be used for example in the attic. All ceiling brackets are as small and modern as possible, so that they provide a pleasant overall picture in combination with the rod.

X-Pole Accessories and Replacement - If anything is missing

X-Pole offers the right tool for many products. But many spare parts are also available individually in our shop. From complete assembly kits including screws, nuts and dowels with Allen key or adapter, everything is always in stock. Also all kinds of X-Pole accessories can be found there. These include the XPert carrying case or carrying bag, rod cleaner, rod warmer or X-Pole SILKii for easy entry into the Aerial Fitness. Browse through our shop now and be convinced of exciting products and the highest quality.

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