X-Stage Lite Stainless Steel

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X-Pole X-Stage Lite - The mobile dance stage for absolute flexibility

  • Latest model (4th generation) with numerous detail improvements
  • Can be switched between spinning and static at any time
  • Free-standing, no need to fix it to the ceiling
  • Adjustable for lower heights with optional pole piece (height selectable above)
  • Protection against injuries thanks to rounded platform corners
  • Effortless assembly and disassembly with almost no tools
  • Extreme stability thanks to solid design
  • Further stabilization possible with additional weights (not included)
  • Easy to align with adjustable pedestal feet
  • Protection against damage or slipping through integrated silicone pads
  • 100% mobile thanks to the carrying bags and wheeled cases supplied

In order to be able to set up the X-Stage Lite indoors, the ceiling height must be 13 cm higher than the total height of the X-Stage when set up. With a total height of 3 meters, the ceiling height must be at least 3.13 m. To ensure you can set up your stage with ease, please measure your exact ceiling height prior to purchase. With optional pole parts, the X-Stage Lite can also be adapted for lower ceiling heights. Take a look at the X-Pole height calculator or contact our customer service.


X-Pole stands for empowerment, strength and fitness. With X-Pole by your side, you will grow beyond yourself! To support you, X-Pole has developed high-quality dance poles and aerial equipment with the highest level of quality and safety, catapulting itself to the top of the world in this segment.

  • particularly robust and corrosion-resistant
  • good grip level (comparable to chrome version)
  • Especially suitable for Polerinas with nickel allergies
  • timeless style thanks to the reflective surface finish
  • easy cleaning e.g. with the X-Pole cleaning set
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Function: Spinning, Static
  • Diameter stage: 1.6 m
  • Height of stage: 11 cm

This Is X-Pole - Beyond The Expected

All About X-Pole X-Stage

Can I leave the X-Pole X-Stage outside regardless of the weather?

An X-Stage lite can be set up outdoors (garden, forest, meadow,...), but it should not be permanently exposed to moisture. The pedestal and the poles are made of steel and could possibly rust. It is therefore better not to leave your X-Stage lite outside overnight, as high humidity or morning dew also promote corrosion.

Can I combine the individual parts of the X-Pole Xpert with the X-Pole X-Stage?

Because the X-Pole XPert and the X-Pole X-Stage are two completely different systems, the individual parts CANNOT be combined. Exception: X-Pole extensions

Is it complicated to set up/take down the X-Pole X-Stage?

Assembling and dismantling the X-Pole X-Stage is easy and, with a little practice, can be completed in just a few minutes. Here's a simple step-by-step assembly guide.

What is the minimum ceiling height I need to set up an X-Pole X-Stage?

In order to set up the X-Stage properly, your ceiling must be at least 13 cm higher than the X-Stage. If the ceiling height is lower, you can use the X-Pole X-Stage with a shorter extension. But also here, make sure you have 13 cm of upward play.

X-Pole X-Stage Lite Stainless Steel - The Mobile Dance Stage for Total Flexibility

The X-Pole Stage is a transportable and free-standing Dance Stage and Pole with pedestal. The sophisticated concept guarantees maximum flexibility and uncomplicated construction in just a few minutes. The sturdy construction makes the X-Stage the first choice for all pole dancers, clubs and studios. If you do not want to be limited in your choice of location to pursue your passion, then the X-Stage is the place for you. Whether event halls, trade fairs, open air events, concerts or stage performances - the X-Stage sets no limits! You are 100% mobile thanks to the included carrying cases and a rollable suitcase.

Information about the Finish of the Pole:

The X-Stage Lite in stainless steel is recommended for people who are allergic to nickel. Due to the high-gloss polish, the stainless steel version has a reflective surface finish. The grip is at a similar high level as the chrome poles. The material is particularly resistant and corrosion resistant.

The Innovations of the 4th Generation of the X-Stage Lite:

  • Now featuring "Quick-Set" stabilizing feet
  • New leg frame attachment points for increased stiffness and pole stability
  • New redesigned roller carry case

The features of the X-Pole X-Stage at a glance:

  • The stage diameter is 1.6 meters
  • The total height is 3 meters in the standard set
  • Adjustable for lower heights with optional extensions (height selectable above)
  • Spinning or Static - can be changed as fast as lightning
  • Available in 40 mm and 45 mm rod diameter
  • Free-standing, no fixation on the ceiling necessary
  • Rounded pedestal corners prevent injury
  • Effortless and almost tool-less assembly and disassembly
  • Extreme stability due to massive design
  • Can be further stabilized with additional weights (not included)
  • Adjustable feet for perfect alignment of the pedestal
  • Silicone pads protect delicate floors and prevent slipping

Notes on the ceiling height and the selection of the appropriate construction height:

  1. In order to be able to build the X-Stage indoors, the ceiling height must be 13 cm higher than the overall height of the X-Stage when set up. With a total height of 3 meters, the ceiling height must therefore be at least 3.13 meters.
  2. Regardless of the height chosen above, the X-Stage will always be delivered as a complete set. In the two versions for 2.50 meters and 2.25 meters ceiling height, a shorter rod element is also supplied. With this element, the X-Stage can then be built in a lower configuration. The construction at full height is therefore possible at any time.
  3. The maximum permitted construction height is 3.0 meters and must not be exceeded for static reasons.
Pole Finish: Stainless Steel
Function: Spin and Static
Portable: Yes
Shipping weight: 0,00 kg
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