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Firetoys Aerial Silk - Graceful Elegance and Rhythm Combined in Aerial Silk Dance

The Firetoys Aerial Silk is an extremely high-quality aerial fabric that is highly valued by professional artists worldwide. The aerial fabric has a specially processed surface that is both non-slip and velvety soft. The material is still very durable and protected against runs. The Firetoys Aerial Silk has a medium stretch. High stretch aerial silks provide better cushioning for drops but make climbing on the fabric more difficult as it gives way. It can be compared to the feeling of walking on sand. Low stretch aerial fabrics provide less cushioning for drops but make climbing easier.

  • Colors: Black, White, Golden Yellow, Blue, Red, Lavender, Orange, Purple, Pink, Green
  • Selectable length: 8m or 10m
  • Width: 148cm
  • Durable material, 100% polyester
  • If used with a figure 8 suspension, the working load limit is 128kg
  • Made in Great Britain

Safety first:

We recommend using a crash mat placed in the middle under the aerial fabric to protect against falls: PoleSports crash mats


Firetoys is one of the world's leading providers of aerial acrobatics and artistry. In recent years, Firetoys has developed many new and innovative products, always focusing on the highest quality and safety. You too can set new standards and take to the skies with Firetoys.

How long does the Aerial Silks have to be to fit my ceiling height?

Since aerial silks or aerial silks are hung up twice, your silk must be at least twice as long as your ceiling height. For figures close to the ground, the ends of the cloth should lie a good distance on the ground. Allow for an additional 1-2 meters of cloth for this and for the knot to attach the cloth. In general, you can say: It is better to choose the Aerial Silk length a little too long than too short.

Do I need to attach the Aerial Silks to one or two points?

An Aerial Silk is hung from just one attachment point.

What do I need to hang up my aerial silk?

You can attach your Aerial Silk in different ways. Standard suspension equipment includes the figure 8 suspension system, roundslings, carabiners, ball bearing swivels and special ceiling hangers where no fixed anchor point or beam is available. Depending on the circumstances, you may not necessarily need all of these parts, but you definitely need the Figure 8 suspension. The cloth is tied into the figure 8 suspension with a special knot and is thus protected from damage.

Where is the best place to hang up the Aerial Silk?

You can hang up your Aerial Silks both indoors and outdoors. It is important that your attachment points (e.g. beams, branches, ceilings) are sufficiently stable. Also make sure there is enough space in each direction and that it is not permanently exposed to the weather.

What does the stretchability of Aerial Silks mean?

High stretch aerial silks absorb drops better, but make climbing on the fabric more difficult due to their high stretchability. Low-stretch aerial silks bounce less on drops, but make climbing easier. The medium elasticity is the perfect all-rounder and therefore the first choice for most aerial athletes.

Content: 8,00 m
Shipping weight: 1,00 kg
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