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We have closely experienced the development from pole dance to an influential trend sport with a worldwide supporters and therefore look back on many years of experience, both as a retailer and in the practice of the sport itself. We know what’s important for beginners and professionals in the selection of suitable dance poles or the suitable accessories. Therefore, we pay particular attention to the quality of the products when equipping our assortment. Safety is very important to us.

Should you ever feel insecure or have ambiguity about our products, we are always at your disposal with help and advice. We are constantly striving to maintain our safety standard. Our poles can be safely used for pole dance training and are safe even in the acrobatic area. The material is high quality and stable and the installation with appropriate accessories absolutely secure.

Also, a variety of accessories complements our range and supports dancers during training. In addition to great outfits, these include Pole Dance Mats for upholstery, exercise equipment or DVDs and Books. However, we not only offer products around the topic of pole dance, but also help you to find a suitable dance school in your area. We work together with dance studios throughout Germany and are happy to assist you in finding a suitable trainer and a suitable pole class.

Pole Dance - From the infamous phenomenon to the rapidly growing fitness trend

Not so long ago, nobody wanted to be associated with pole dancing. The acrobatic dance style on the pole had something vile about it and was inseparable from the nightlife. The origin of pole dance, however, developed very differently as many would suspect. Pole dance comes from Asia, where the artistic dance form was first practiced exclusively by men who appreciated the high training effect of this sport. In India, a sport similar to Pole Dance can be traced in writing back to the 12th century. Into the western area, Pole Dance arrived then on traveling circuses and appeared here in the early 20th century in the USA.

Meanwhile, the dance was mainly performed by women to attract a male audience and often the step-by-step disrobing of the dancers was part of the performances. Pole Dance quickly became so popular that the performances became an integral part of the cities and entered the nightlife scene. Bars and clubs installed poles and the eroticising performances of the dancers provided for the appropriate audience. The popularity of Pole Dance increased rapidly in the course of the 1980s with the wave of fitness studios and so first dance schools settled in and coaches offered courses to make this acrobatic and aesthetic form of training accessible to everyone.

In the meantime, there are even hundreds of studios in Germany that allow everyone to practice this sport themselves. Public competitions have long since brought Pole Dance out of the banishment of nightlife. Today, it is even possible for dancers with the sport to finance their lives.

The success of Pole Dance is due to many different factors. It is a functional and varied workout and a challenging training routine that offers new challenges for beginners and professional athletes alike. The integrated dance elements also provide a certain elegance and induce dancers to discover even more body awareness and automatically improve their posture during training. Since the sport is still practiced today mainly by women who appreciate the dance and gymnastics elements, Pole Dance strengthens women worldwide on their way to independence. They make money as professional dancers at competitions or open their own studios to help others learn this sport.

Pole Dance is for everyone

Anyone who has never taken part in a Pole Dance course and is under the assumption that this sport is practiced exclusively by slender women, is wrong. After all, many still associate this style of dance with a rather infamous behaviour, which is why some women have not yet dared to make their own experiences on the pole despite great interest. We can report from our own experience that Pole Dance is suitable for everyone.

The elegant dance on the pole is practiced worldwide by men and women from all walks of life. There are almost as many shy personalities as extroverts. Pole Dance does not discriminate and whether young or old, fat or thin, everyone is welcome to try this exciting sport. The big advantage of this fitness trend is that the level of difficulty can be adjusted to the individual and every athlete can make great progress very quickly. For the start in this sport, no prior knowledge is required. Whether clumsy or a fitness muffle, everyone can discover Pole Dance for themselves and thus find a completely new body feeling. The training in the group is very exciting, while the figures or choreographies are practiced to appropriate music. You will quickly forget the effort and your own fitness level increases drastically. Many newcomers have brought it to a high level in a short time and could show their skills at regional competitions.

The fact that the movements vary so much and at the same time different parts of the body are trained, a one-sided training is avoided. Power and flexibility of the entire body increase noticeably. One feels elegant and sexy, while one moves alone or in a group with other dancers rhythmically and acrobatically to the music. This is especially evident in everyday life through more endurance and sense of rhythm. Even people, who never like dancing before, gain self-confidence while dancing on the pole and get to know their own movements in a completely new way.

X-Pole, Lupit Pole ... - Find the right dance pole in our online shop

With X-Pole or Lupit Pole you get a high quality and safe dance pole for your home.

While Pole Dance is becoming increasingly popular within Germany, it is not an option for anyone to register directly in a dance school. With a Dance Pole for your hom, you can be complete your own training whenever you like with continuous success. However, you should be cautious when buying dance poles from nameless manufacturers since they often offer supposedly cheap products that are unavailable for pole dancing in this form. Even for rental apartments, where you cannot screw or drill, there are safe solutions for installing dance poles. After all, they should be stable enough not to slip, even when performing more complex figures. The X-Pole Dance Poles are perfect for home use and can be easily clamped between ceiling and floor, as well as dismantled and reinstalled quickly elsewhere. Due to the inserted rubber pieces at the end, no slipping is possible. If you value the topic of security when purchasing your Dance Pole, you will also find the right model for your home, with which training is twice as fun.

Our dance poles - Also great for dance school and studios

But not only for individuals our poles are the perfect choice. You want to open your own dance school or implement the exciting new attraction in your gym? Whether for professionals or beginners - in our online shop you will find the matching Dance Poles that promise reliability and longevity even with constant use.

Aerial Fitness - Exciting alternatives to pole dancing

Not only Pole Dance Supporters are in the right place in our Online Shop. In addition, we also offer the right equipment for other acrobatic trend sports. Many of them, like Pole Dance, are practiced partly or wholly off the ground, which is why the term Aerial Fitness has become established. We would also like to introduce you to Aerial Hoops, Aerial Silks, Aerial Poles and Aerial Yoga.

Aerial Hoops>

When training with Aerial Hoops, one performs not on a dance pole, but on a suspended tire. Depending on your wishes, it can either be attached to a single or two suspension points and then floats freely in the sports hall, the training room or at home. The exercises are done hanging in or on the hoop, which can rotate or swing and thereby supports many great figures.

Aerial Silks

At Aerial Silks, a silky sheet is hung on a double-layer on the ceiling, with which figures can be danced. Dancers can climb up the cloths, use them to find their own holdings or perform complex hanging figures. The silks also help with deep strains and they can thus represent a great alternative or supplement to Pole Dance.

Aerial Poles>

Aerial Poles are the most similar to traditional dance poles. The Dance Pole is not firmly clamped between floor and ceiling, but it hangs freely from the ceiling. Not only does this require a lot of space to perform safe training, it also requires significantly more strength and determination to stay on the pole. However, if you are already a true pole dancer and are looking for new challenges, then Aerial Poles is a good choice.

Aerial Yoga

In Aerial Yoga, a wide silk forms a loop that hangs from the ceiling and can be used for training. Similar to yoga, the goal here is to take poses that stretch the muscles comfortably. The silk supports the holding of the figures and also allows floating figures, which allows a comfortable stretching.

Pole Dance clothes for every wallet - Get your pole outfit right now

Pole Dance is like all sports - if you want to train successfully, you need the appropriate clothing.

As with many other sports, it requires a suitable and above all comfortable clothing. Many women are wrong to shy away from purchasing Pole Dance clothing. They assume that all models are cut short and are designed as sexy as possible. There is a great variety in our assortment and you will find an extensive selection of suitable sportswear. The cuts are not only elegant and feminine, but often also simple and sporty. After all, it is especially important during training that the clothing fulfils different functions and supports its wearer in the exercises.

In the case of pole dancing, it is especially important that you can dance on the pole without slipping. We therefore always recommend an outfit in which the arms and legs remain as free as possible or at least have a tight fit. Even a crop top can prove to be an advantage. This is mainly due to the fact that many items of clothing slip on the pole and otherwise you can quickly get up on the floor if you fail to do an exercise. In contrast, our skin is virtually slip-resistant and provides the necessary support on the pole that holds us up.

Searched and Found - Suitable beginner courses in your area

Of course, we understand that not everyone wants to learn a new sport all by themselves and at home. While some people prefer training in their own home, others want to learn from professional coaches and be pointed out from the beginning to faulty versions in order to really master this sport.

Fortunately, there are suitable offers throughout Germany, whether in the gym or in special dance classes or dance schools. You can find a nearby opportunity to start your training in our dance school search. Simply enter your postal code here for free and the search will find a suitable studio near you.

In most dance schools, the training groups are kept small. Each student has his or her own pole and, under the guidance of the coach, new figures are practiced or entire choreographies are rehearsed. Beginners as well as advanced learners will definitely find a new challenge in the offered courses.

The high-quality Dance Pole for home is then the perfect complement to the weekly training. Here, exercises of the last session can be repeated or the choreography can be presented to the partner or a friend. If you do not like the common training in the studio, you will find in our assortment of DVDs certainly the right product as training supplement. With our DVDs and Books, both beginners and long-time dancers can learn something new. Just insert the DVD, watch and dance. A large mirror near your own dance pole can help to correct false postures and thereby optimize the training effect.