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Why should you wear high heels?

Black Pleaser High Heel Ankle Boots with Pink-Glitter-CourseThe easiest way to grow a few centimeters (beyond yourself)? Of course, wear high heels! The legs look longer, the natural tilting of the pelvis is slightly increased, the bottom is emphasized. If you can still move properly now, the push-up effect for the ego and the bottom is successful. In addition, high heels upgrade every outfit, whether everyday- or pole dance wear. A lady has at least one pair of high heels in her closet, which is almost part of good taste. Especially popular are the Pleaser heels, this brand is associated with sexy heels like no other.

Content and frequently asked questions

Starting from which heel height one speaks of High Heels?
What is the attraction of high heels and what happens when you wear them?
Which high heels are comfortable?
What types of high heels are there?
How do I find the right high heels?

Starting from which heel height do you speak of High Heels?

Not every heel and not every heel height may call itself a "high heel". Shoes completely without a heel, understandably do not belong to this category (sneakers, ballerinas, sports shoes), but even shoes with very moderate heels (between 3.5 and 5cm) are not high heels. Affectionately these shoes are called "Kitten-Heels".

Classical pumps, which can be open or closed, move with their heel height between 6 and ca. 10cm, real high heels have a heel height of ca. 10cm. Fetish heels and skyscrapers have a heel height of 14 cm and more.

As the name says, the heel height determines the name. The cut of the shoe itself (open, closed, peep-toe, with lacing, plateau, no plateau, boots, ankle boots, mules or sandals) does not (yet) play a role here.

  • Kitten Heels - 3-5 cm heel
  • Pumps - 6-10 cm heel
  • High Heels - from 10 cm heel height
  • Skyscraper/Fetish-Heels - 14 cm and higher

What is the attraction of high heels and what happens when you wear them?

Women, or people who wear high shoes, know why they do it. The positive effects on self-esteem, the increase in sex appeal and the feeling of being a little taller are great feelings that you don't want to miss. In fairness, however, the possible harmful side effects should not go unmentioned either. Wearing high heels regularly shortens the calf muscles and the Achilles tendon. All people who practice sports, where you have to stand on tiptoe most of the time (ballet, pole dancing, aerial hoop etc.) know this: the stretching of the calf should not be neglected.

Dangers of excessive wearing of high heels and remedy:

  • Shortened calf muscles
  • Shortened Achilles tendon
  • Pain in the heel
  • Do not forget stretching for calf and ball of foot

Which high heels are comfortable?

It runs best on high heels with block heels. Here the body does not have to do as much balance work and the danger of twisting is comparatively low. A block heel can of course somewhat limit the appearance of the Grazilität.

A second important factor is the degree of inclination of the foot from the heel to the toes. That is why high heels with plateau soles are more comfortable, since the inclination is minimized or reduced by the plateau.

In general, polerinas or ballet dancers find it a little easier to wear high heels because they are used to the constant command "point your toes", so the foot itself is already well stretched.

Which types of High Heels are there ?

Types of High Heels - some of them we will introduce to you right away:


Black Pleaser High Heel Adore 700-14 with laces and heel in rosegold-chrome Stiletto (italian) is the name of a stabbing weapon. Well, high heels can be used like weapons (of a woman), but this is more figuratively speaking. So stiletto means a very high and narrow heel.

Block Heel

Gothic style, new modernity and the shoe fashion itself made the block heel presentable again and does not miss a certain coolness. For running outdoors / on the street / on cobblestones they are surely the most comfortable kind of high heels.


Peeptoe. Sounds like peepshow and it should.

Peep-toes are also called flamenco pumps and describe the special feature of the exposed (naked) toes. In this respect, the name does not directly say anything about the shape of the shoe, but only makes it clear that the toes are exposed (and therefore want to be well-groomed).


Ballet Heels belong to the very big specialties of High Heels.

A stronger inclination from heel to toes cannot exist. Who has no idea how such a shoe should look like: Just imagine a prima ballerina dancing on tip and on the heel there is (nevertheless) a heel in the shape of a stiletto. These shoes are more than exceptional and not meant to run. Ballet heels are often used for photo shoots and are the most extreme thing you can imagine with high heels. In the beginning, calf cramps can occur when wearing them, which is the body's refusal to accept this very unnatural posture.

You can get expendients for wearing ballet-heels in a dance sport store: small pads to protect your toes and other things to avoid blisters.

Be careful when wearing ballet-heels and take good care of your feet afterwards!

How do I find the right high heels

What suits me?

You have to feel comfortable in your body and in everything that surrounds it. We all don't always succeed in doing this, but it's our number one priority. This also applies to the choice of shoes. Just because your girlfriend looks so good in high heels XY, they don't have to be yours. Fortunately there is a huge selection and so you will find your pair of high heels. Good quality high heels you will notice already at the first slip in. A footbed, which flatters your foot and soft, not noticeable seams. No matter if curvy, skinny or big: Every woman can wear high heels. Curvy women like high heels just as much as petite people, you just have to make sure that the shoe does not look more fragile than you do. You are strong and can therefore also represent strong shoes, while small women can certainly fall back on filigree models. Shoes with a round cap help to make your foot look smaller.

To sum up:

  • Choose shoes you feel comfortable in
  • Good quality pays off
  • Every woman can wear high shoes, no matter what her figure is
  • Round caps make your feet look smaller

How do you walk correctly in high heels?

White Pleaser High Heel Pantolette with Glitzer PlateauNatural and confident, that's how it should look like. You have learned to run step by step, so don't run a marathon when you have bought new high heels. Whether high heels for everyday life, party or pole dancing: Don't start too high. Also slowly increase the heel height (after all, in pole dancing we start from the floor). A good shoe encloses your foot so that you don't wobble when you walk and your foot doesn't tremble either. Ankle boots and high heels with straps give you, your foot and your ankles more security.